Is There A Cost For This Freedom By Evans Ufeli Esq

The truth is that social distancing is impracticable in Lagos.

Over 70 per cent of Lagosians use the public transport system, mainly buses popularly called “danfo”.

Here, people are compelled to sit really very close to one another under very uncomfortable and disconcerting situations.

The bus conductor cries out intermittently, calling passengers to come board the bus for a trip. Not many of these conductors care about personal hygiene or public health. It’s just about how much they can make. 

The bus operators live on the verge of survival. 

The passengers are equally the sub-middle class and the poor, who largely earn their living on daily income. The pressure therefore to ease off the lockdown is understandable but we must think of the cost on both ends. 

As the lockdown is relaxed from next week Monday, I see danger looming. Perhaps you may want to just sit back and watch it. Be careful because when water flows through the forest, it brings down trees with it. 

The rush that is said to happen is building up already. The Lagos populace wants to grab the moment of freedom with sizzling sensation. This will come with consequences.

I don’t think both the federal and Lagos state government have the capacity to stand the consequences of the days foretold herein.

The Federal Government should be responsible to her citizens. A society cannot function without a social support system. The government should provide for Nigerians and keep the lockdown active for a while until we get to the peak of the curve.

There are alternative arguments that the lockdown isn’t a good approach for the Nigerian society where informal employment is the mainstay of the economy. But I think our problem is the lack of structure and the absolute absence of a social support system.

The proposed curfew from 8pm to 6am that is said to take effect from Monday, 4th of May, 2020 in Lagos is rather impracticable too.

Lagos does not sleep.

Lagos is a city of traffic and more traffic. It will be easy for the police to effect arrest on defaulters where perhaps a few dissidents are involved not when the whole Lagos resident are on traffic from Lekki to Third Mainland Bridge to Ikeja and to wherever.

Even the law enforcement agents will be lockdown on the chaotic traffic situation.

Lagos is impossible, Mr President!

While we think the economy is grounded and needs revival, we must understand that it is better that way than have our health grounded under the influence of the pandemic.


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