We Are Appealing To Gov’t To Absorb Our Children’s School Fees—Disable Group

We Are Appealing To Gov't To Absorb Our Children's School Fees---Disable Group

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Members of the Ghana Federation of persons with disabilities in the Garu district of the Upper East Region are calling on Government to absorb their wards school fees and other basic bills. This according to Mr. Asaari Awindaug, local chairman of the chapter, will help reduce the financial trauma that its members go through in caring for their wards in school.

The disability common fund that is supposed to be disbursed quarterly to members of the Ghana Federation of persons with disabilities so as to cushion their plight, is said to be deep-drowning, entangled with either late or selected disbursement as well as less disbursement.

Mr. Awindaug noted that “the truth of the matter is that, the percentage that is supposed to come from central government hardly come. Our members are suffering. It is supposed to be quarterly, but sometimes it can take a year.” He added that upon the delay in disbursement, the amount is nothing to write home about. “Sometimes the amount given to us is too small. You cannot do anything with it. It will be good if the government takes a second look at that. “

Worried Awindaug, who was observing the famous stay at home mantra to avoid the spread of the dreaded novel Coronavirus, told this reporter from his naturally moist-shaded mongo tree in Garu, that “I will humbly appeal to government to consider absorbing the school fees of our wards. Some of our children are unwilling to go to school because they know that we are jobless and therefore cannot pay their fees. Now that the percent allocated for us is very little, it will be good, if Government will absorb our wards fees and other basic bills.”

Mr. Awindaug disclosed that the association do present proposals for projects but it does take a long time before they are attended to. Adding that most of the time, they don’t get a response. “Sometimes they will tell us that there is no money”.

He also called on its members to religiously observe all protocols and guidelines issued to stop the spread of Covid-19. “If the able are not speared, how much more we the disabled? He said amidst laughter.

He called on the government to consider its members when distributing subsidized fertilizer ahead of this year’s rainy season.

Atampugri Robbert, a mobile money vendor and a member of the disabled society, told this reporter that most of their members are unable to further their education after the second cycle level due to financial difficulties. “My brother, it is not easy for us.

After secondary school, most of us don’t further. There is no money. The government should consider us.” He said as he struggled with difficulty to frequently reposition himself to balance.


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