Hunger virus imminent if… Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale

Dr Emmanuel, Hunger virus

The General Overseer of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale has made an urgent call on the Nigerian government to send farmers back to the farm immediately, despite the lockdown occasioned by the Covid -19 pandemic.

In a recent set of prophecies just released, the man of God foretold of an imminent food crisis accompanied by extreme starvation and violence, if farmers are not sent back to cultivate food massively.

He advised the government to do this with a sense of urgency while insisting on social distancing on the farms.

According to the prophecy, farmers all over the country should be encouraged and massively supported with financial resources, inputs and necessary equipment or implement.

Such urgent action, he said, would be the only way to avert pervasive hunger in the land, the type that would see women on their way back from the market being attacked and robbed of their purchases, and people being attacked and robbed of the food they are cooking in their homes.

As he did in a previous outing, Prophet Omale declared the ingenuity and giftedness of Nigerian doctors, stressing that God had given them a cure for the new Coronavirus, which they would discover from research.

He also called on the government to look inward for a solution to the pandemic, by listening to the professional advice of
Nigerian medical practitioners, and supporting them, rather than inviting foreign ones.

By prophetic insight, he assured the Nigerian medical doctors and researchers that the results of their research would be accepted by the government this time, so they should have no fear of working in vain.

The man of God also prophesied that 18 Nigerian medical practitioners would make discoveries that would provide solutions to several diseases in the world, for which they would become famous and wealthy.

He restated the important role of Nigeria and Nigerians in God’s plan for the world and called on the citizens to rekindle faith in the government, to usher in prosperity for the nation.

Prophet Omale emphatically condemned violence in all its ramifications, describing it as a senseless way of trying to solve problems, since it only ends in the destruction of lives, property and the national fabric.

Rather, he called for unity and more prayers for the nation and its leaders, in order to actualise the greatness ordained for it by God.



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