Covid-19: Presbytery Chairperson Call On Ghanaians To Abide By All Safety Protocols

Rev Seth KissiRev Seth Kissi

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Rev Seth Kissi, Chairperson of the Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has urged Ghanaians to abide by the laid down protocols aimed at protecting them against the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

He said they should practice social distancing, washing hands regularly with soap under running water, use of hand sanitizers and nose masks, avoid handshakes and report suspected cases to stop community spread.

He adds that the entire Ghanaian populace must add serious prayers to hard work in order to sail through the difficult times they find themselves in.

According to Rev. Kissi, it is in difficult times that prayer of faith is needed for God to intervene and compliment the efforts of believers with miraculous breakthroughs.

The Presbytery Chairperson stressed that, as the world experience anxiety, confusion, fear and even despair due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Ghanaians must avoid any ungodly ways of making a living, and work for a fair system that ensures that people can live, “buy and sell” without having to bow to any evil and ungodly systems.

He affirmed that some people saw an opportunity to do good and did it by feeding the poor, supplying frontline workers with personal protective equipment (PPEs), food, and other items needed for their work.

On the contrary, others took undue advantage of the situation to increase prices of food products, hand sanitizers, and commodities needed to fight the pandemic and cope with the situation and have therefore called on Ghanaians to desist from such act.

Rev Kissi then commended the President, Nana Akuffo Addo for rolling out some social interventions including distribution of food to the poor, absorbing water, and electricity bills. He added that stimulus packages have also been announced to cushion business from the economic effects of the pandemic.

Despite acknowledging efforts of the government put in place in the fight against the deadly disease that has wrecked the world, he said, “It is not as if the government is a Father Christmas; the negative impact of all this on our national economy is huge”.

“The Convid-19 should teach us lessons that can lead us to change for the better in the way we live our lives as a church and as a nation. We should realize that our human efforts alone cannot take us far and that we need the Lord in all our ways including our planning for the future. COVID-19 pandemic has taught our world lessons that can change both our perception of things and the way we go about our lives in many spheres of our national and ecclesiastical life”, he said.


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