Establishment Of Pan-African Movement – PANUMASS

Freetown, Sierra Leone. West Africa – In this time of social distancing and staying at home, it is a good opportunity for Africans on the continent and the diaspora to begin a process of charting a new direction for the African continent. The time for Africa to rise and occupies it position on the international stage is now.

In the aftermath of the brutal murder of Libyan leader, Colonel Brother Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, foreign criminal adventurers on the soil of Africa felt much more arrogant in their desire to loot the continent mercilessly and pauperized its citizenry, and make Africans slaves in their continent, if not the wretched of the earth. Africa produces all the raw materials that are used to develop other countries, while Africans are sentenced to swindle in misery, degradation and dehumanization.

With the international spotlight now on the COVID-19 germ warfare and with the increasing anger at the failure and insensitivity of African leaders to lead towards progress, there is an important opening for a Pan-African Movement, one that truly expresses the desire of the African masses for peace, stability, unification, development and prosperity under a truly democratic environment. Obviously, events since the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1990; the collapse of the obnoxious apartheid enclave in Southern Africa; the creation of the African Union (AU), to replace the dysfunctional Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 2000; the proclamation of a New World Order and the slaughter carried out by Western imperialism in Rwanda, the establishments of unwanted and unmandated foreign military bases and bio-laboratories on the continent; to name only a few, show that Africa should rise to the new challenges.

New developments, however, have also given this period of crisis a unique character: “black-neo-colonialism”, which manifests in high youth restiveness, economic doldrums; an explosion of international debt trap; mass exodus of Africans in search of greener pastures abroad; depopulation of blacks through violence, criminal wars and man-made disasters and pandemics. The long crisis has produced willing leaders, who are ever ready to pawn the dignity of Africans for a life of opulence and immorality.

It is only natural, within the context of an imperialist system which from its inception has been built on foundations of state terrorism as well as race-filled hatreds, that replacement of brutal colonialism with proxy neo-colonial state constitutes attacks on the freedom and dignity of whole peoples. The emergence of leaders in Africa, say for instance, constitutional President Paul Kagame of Rwanda opens the way for more to emerge on the continent. For struggle for progress in Africa had just begun.

For us as true sons and daughters of Africa, the struggle for change of our prostrate independence into real freedom is continent wide-from Algeria to Zimbabwe. The struggle for a New Africa, which would emerge out of the ashes of the old, depleted independence, is a fight for all Africans everywhere on the planet. Imperialism has no role to play in this struggle for a New Africa. Whether imperialism is behind the assassination of progressive leaders in Africa, its objectives remain the same. Usually, in fact, it employs double track agenda at the same time, toward a common aim: to rape Africa and confine Africans in the dustbin of poverty, want and fear.

The emergence of constitutional President Paul Kagame in hostile conditions has confirmed the potential for Africans from across the continent and the diaspora to rally behind the Rwandan leader and lead the struggle for the second and total liberation of Africa. Latin America has also experienced its own crisis. The bureaucratic stranglehold on the economy engenders low productivity, inefficiency, and inability to meet basic needs and welfare of the people. In some cases, the crises of these states have also been linked to the contradictions of capitalist imperialism, as the ruling bureaucracies seek Western bank loans and investment to cover up their own failures. This crisis has exploded recently in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. This crisis has also inflicted immeasurable pains on the mass of the people of Latin America.

As conscious and forward-thinking Africans, we are deeply inspired by the struggles led by Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Mexico in Latin America. We support these countries against the ills of imperialism and call upon the United States government to end its sanctions and blockade against Cuba and Venezuela. We call Washington also, to put an immediate end to its hostile policies and meddling mentality in the internal affairs of Latin America.

The commitment to help protect, improve and advance the lives and well being of the African people is not new. In our determination and dedication to help lay the foundation for the New Africa we envisaged, we, concerned Africans, after consultations with compatriots across the continent and diaspora have resolved to create a Movement to be named, called, known and addressed as the Pan-African Unity Movement Against Second Slavery (Or PANUMASS).

The creation of PANUMASS is a necessary development. We recognize that this development is not easy, and that Africans everywhere have to overcome both internal conflicts and, more importantly, reject the pauperization of our continent. It is a brave and bold move, especially now when Africans are being subjected to all sorts of sub-human fashion-treatment on other lands.

We thank our African brothers and sisters who, despite all ills, supported the creation of this African continental solidarity Movement, to help shape Africa for Africans and friends of Africa. We thank them too for their contribution to this favourable condition. This is a time for wisdom, diligence, strength and restraint so it is not wasted. Africans before us had fought and even made huge sacrifice for the continent. These people were from every region of Africa and the diaspora, from every walk of life, and of different ages, religions, genders and cultural backgrounds.

What will we leave behind as a legacy—happiness or tears? This question is critically important; however, it is equally important to know whether or not our—or someone else’s—individual or collective efforts, will produce the desired goal. These are key questions to ask ourselves today as we face the many warning signs that signal the growing poverty and misery in Africa. Change appears to be inevitable, but what kind of change do we want and how can we get there? How can we avoid the mistakes of the past where mass efforts and sacrifice were hijacked by a minority at the top, who are thirst for power and looting of natural resources and wealth to develop other countries?

Solidarity is not simply about putting out a statement or doing activist tourism but about learning from one another and acting together. As such, the Pan-African Unity Movement Against Second Slavery (PANUMASS) will extend solidarity to all countries that love and threat Africans equally and with dignity. Like other people throughout the world, we are deeply concerned about the rapid spread of the corona virus (Covid-19), which has drastically altered life outside of Africa and now poses an increasing threat to the entire population of the African continent.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to those who have lost family members, as well as to those whose way of life has been made so difficult. Right now, we are ready to join together with those attempting to serve, protect lives and help to find solutions and ways to treat Covid-19 and to prevent as many as possible from being exposed to it. These attempts have called for life-altering changes now affecting the lives, social and business networks, education, movement, employment, and the access to goods and services of people all over the world. Unfortunately, Africa has not been spared some of the debilitating impacts of the Corona virus pandemic. The concern for the wellbeing of all people, regardless of colour, nationality, religion, culture or socio-economic status, has been an African tradition from time, and shall be a core principle of PANUMASS. We believe that the value and dignity of every human being comes from God, our Creator, and that we will be held accountable, under God, for how we treat or care for others.

We extend our unflinching solidarity with Russia, as it has taken the role of world leadership, replacing imperialism. And above all, we support President Vladimir Putin’s peace road map in Libya, and call on all Libyans to seek a peaceful and comprehensive political settlement in their country’s crisis, bringing an end to the nine-year fratricidal violence, instability and brutal occupation.

Long Live Africa!

Africa Must Unite!!

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
Interim Chairman

The Pan-African Unity Movement Against Second Slavery

[email protected]
; +232-31-511915 watts up


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