Bolga Polytechnic Is Now Bolga Technical University (BTU)

Bolga Polytechnic Is Now Bolga Technical University (BTU)

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Parliament recently passed the amendment that added the former Bolgatanga Polytechnic (B-Poly) and Wa Polytechnic (Wa Poly), to the list of Technical Universities (TU) in the country. This was disclosed in an interview with Radio Ghana by the Chairman of the Bolgatanga Technical University Branch of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG).

The institution had suffered from problems such as low student enrollment leading to low internally generated funds (IGF), staff attrition and low morale for some time now due to the conversion of the majority of the nation’s Polytechnics to Technical Universities of which B-Poly and Wa-Poly were not part.

Following the Parliamentary amendment for the two (2) institutions to be added to the list of Technical Universities, the institution, and the staff was both given a new status and some leverage which brought a lot of excitement to the campus.

Also, the spirit of potential students who were reluctant to get enrolled in the institution because of its former status as a Polytechnic will be rekindled. Speaking to Radio Ghana, the Chairman of the Bolagatanga Technical University Chapter of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana, Mr. Emmanuel Akanpaadgi indicated that when the Technical Committee was constituted to oversee the conversion came to the institution for the re-assessment in February 2018, the institution scored 13 out of 16 and when the staff thought they had met the criteria for conversion, they were told that the Government wanted to complete a project named the Amatrol Project which is a workshop for Automobile Engineering; the institution had no program in Automobile Engineering being ran. Yet a year after the completion of the project, the conversion was not in sight.

Sensing the danger that the conversion will take a longer time to come, the teaching staff met and resolved to lay down their tools if by the end of the first quarter of 2020 the institution was not yet converted to a Technical University. Notice was therefore given to the Labour Commission to that effect.

Subsequently, there was a hearing at the Labour Commission where the Chairman had the opportunity to present the grievances of his colleagues before the Commission after which he was given the assurance that the institution would be converted within the shortest possible time.

The conversion has, therefore, come as a great relief to the staff who are now looking forward to being migrated onto the Single-Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) for Public Universities in Ghana just as their other counterparts. With regards to the programs running in the Bolgatanga Technical University, Mr. Akanpaadgi explained that the University currently has three (3) faculties, namely; the Faculty of Business and Management Studies, the Faculty of Applied Science and Art, and the Faculty of Engineering with five (5) new Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) Programs in the Sciences coming on board next academic year.

Mr. Akanpaadgi expressed gratitude to the media especially those operating within the Bolgatanga Municipality and many other stakeholders for the various roles they played towards the conversion.


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