Call On Nigerian Youths By Ajiboye Olakunle

A generation filled with ability, capability, capacity, sagacity, tenacity to place and displace detrimental lords without fear; Nigerian youths!

The tragedy that revolves around the failing push and start nation of Nigeria is nothing but a cause by the Nigerian leaders. 

Since generations, youths have always been said to be the leaders of tomorrow. However, the salient question is usually avoided which is. What tomorrow, the tomorrow that’s already destroyed?

The youths, hope of tomorrow are now part and parcel of insanity happening in the country. They’ve sold their futures to those incapable lords and aged. Their fears and frustrations has caused their disloyalty to their fatherland.

After realizing the power that resides in the corporation of youths, they’ve shut them up and clipped their wings with little or no benefits as allowances(NYSC), little or no praise to the Youths, activation of youths as political thugs to win elections and giveaway of deceitful peanuts.

Essential roles of youths can never be over looked as in different spheres and categories. Religiously, the roles of youths are indisposable. In the entertainment world, the youths are actors that keeps the ball rolling. There is no sphere in life that can succeed without inputs from the youths.

Every policy and agenda of the government has been designed to curb the activities to the youths to fear and favour the government of which over 99% of youths today can not speak or object to the government’s policy.

With the population and essentiality of the youths, power should reside with the youths if and only if there is readiness to cease the opportunity. It’s unfortunate that a good number of youths are not even aware of their constitution not to talk of their constitutional rights.

It has gotten to a stage where there should be a unification of youths throughout the nation without minding the tribe, region or differences. There is need to come together to agree against abuse, disrespect of human right, unfavorable constitution, poor governance and exemption of youths from the government. We’ll come out en mass without fear of convict, death or casualties. We’re taking back our generation from the prodigal Nigerian Leaders. We won’t condone the further destruction of our tomorrow. We’re tired of complaining and the time to act is NOW.

On this note, we’re all saddled with duties and responsibilities of which the first is political consciousness and sensitization. Many of us have made politics a business of those interested, those that are not capable of managing a house not to talk of a state. We’re all going to wake up, we’ve been asleep for too long. It’s our duty to all engage in politics, apathy is a spirit of destruction. Hence, as much as those who’re already aware of political norms and all activities surrounding politics and the state must engage in the sensitization of others, everyone around you must be woken up.

“Our train will soon move and we won’t leave anyone behind, we’re not stopping, we’re moving and never coming back”.

We’ll formate a new political party that’ll house only the youths within the age range. Members will cut across tribes bad the party will break the barrier of tribal sentiment. 

We’ll protest against mis-management of our hard earned taxes by the prodigal Nigerian leaders, we’ll protest for the restructuring of Nigeria and we’ll ensure the amendment of the destructive 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

The last line of the first stanza of National Youths Service Corps(NYSC) anthem says; “… Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve”. If truly this nation is ours, this is a mandatory call on all Youths of our nation, we’ll serve with every breath we’ve got.

Wake up, let’s move!


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