Women Who Love PMB As Darling Tyrant By Bayo Oluwasanmi

The Special Adviser on interpretation of maladies to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Femi Adesina, in a write up on his Facebook page with pictures of “Women Who Love PMB” as darling tyrant, Adesina officially inducted the women into Hall Of Shame of Buharists. 

Presenting the awards to the women, Adesina yells out: “They are patriots who love their country dearly, and also love its President. Very dearly.” “To use the local parlance,” continues Adesina, “dem love President Muhammadu Buhari scatter .”

The recipients are: Dr. Okolo Oteri Eme. “Proud of you. Sai Daddy.” “Sai Baba! Kudos Federal Ministry of Health. Kudos Nigeria Center for Disease Control. Tuale Lagos State Government.”

Jewel Ifunanya aka Jewel Ada Buhari: “President Buhari remains till 2023, all you can do is wait. If e pain you too much, drink acid, or better still, go kiss a Covid-19 patient.”

Egondu Okorie: “Baba knows how to slap his enemies to dumbness, without using his hand. The wailing wailers. Over to you. Our dear and great GMB has spoken. Activate your weep and cry button. Ndi Ara.”

Madam Moyosore Oyetunji: “Dear haters. Coronavirus is curable, hate is not, and the harm it does to the carrier’s heart is enormous. Forsake it and live a happy life. Stop hating my President.”

Modupeola Jessica Bewaji: “Baami received briefing from Minister of Health and DG, NCDC in State House. Eyin spoilers, don’t even try me today.”

Zara Gift Onyinye: “Baami in Aso Rock today. Keep being good. God got your back.” “PMB has locked down wailers cifia pains for two weeks. They were expecting him on stretcher but he stood for 21 minutes.”

Maryam Shetty: “Keep on being good. May Allah guide you and protect us all. Long live our President, long live Nigeria. Great speech Mr. President has given. Have you noticed how he stood for the entire duration of this long-awaited speech?”

What do they see in Buhari that make them construct a fence of lies and propaganda around Buhari? They see Buhari as the Anointed One, Glorious Leader, Direct Descendant of the Prophet, President of Nigeria, Field Marshall of Nigerian Armed Forces, Doctor of its laws, and Great Uncle to all its people. Buhari is now 77 years old. The women praise singers can’t see him to age, because his power is grounded in fear, not affection. The tyrant cannot afford to become stooped, frail, and gray. The women know weakness invites challenge, the Buharidindinrins must dress him up in oversize Kaftan.

Buhari is not just that he is a tyrant responsible for human rights abuses. He is a clueless coward president. But despite this, he is the darling tyrant of the women ”who love PMB.” These “loyal” and “patriotic” women know that to survive in a dictator’s environment, and to benefit from any government aid and looting from a corrupt regime, they must give their blind loyalty to Buhari. They must sing his praises to the high heavens. They must blanket their Facebook pages with lies, half-truths or alternative truths, and terrorize Buhari’s critics.

Under Buhari, critics have been illegally arrested, tortured, and detained without trial. The women’s praise of Buhari is more effusive. They dare not criticize Buhari because doing so is lethal and they can be picked up by the SSS at any time.

Adesina’s long, dense prose contains sickening fabrication to bring the reader into the lonely, paranoid mind of an archetypical dictator. Adesina tells demonstrable lies. He always oozes out bagful of lies and firing himself out of a cannon in the general direction of critics who demand accountability from Buhari. The recent proximate cause of Adesina’s tantrum was the call by Nigerians who demanded that Buhari should address the nation on COVID-19. But Adesina responded that it wasn’t the style of Buhari to address the nation on issues of national urgency. 

Celebrating the women hypocrites, Adesina was trying to score some cheap points in order to take on the bigger target – Buhari critics. If the lies being reeled out by Adesina continued, by 2023 all things being equal, Adesina will leave office as a broken man, a subject of ridicule and derision, a journalist without a shred of dignity left. 

Adesina as Buhari’s paid perjurer, has turned what’s supposed to be a reasonably respectable position into a joke. Agreed, previous advisers on media and publicity to past presidents have been irresponsible. Yes! the position is a politicized one. Of course, Adesina’s predecessors failed themselves and our country. But Adesina’s failure has been so epic in scope, so overwhelming in character (or lack there of) that his name is now synonymous with prevarication. 

Adesina, an experienced journalist arrived Aso Rock with some semblance of a reputation. As a “believer” that he claims to be, he should have refused to become a clog in Buhari’s machinery of deception and delusion. 

Buhari’s presidency is a national embarrassment. But part of what makes it so embarrassing and tragic is the determination of the likes of Adesina and the “women who love PMB” to embarrass themselves in the service of Buhari. They do not merely share his shame, they extend it. 


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