How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Feel Now About Stepping Back From Their Royal Family Roles

It’s been six days since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s official transition out of their senior royal family roles began. Entertainment Tonight got a little update about how they’re feeling about their decision to give up their royal duties now that the new reality has sunken in. The two have no regrets, and their mental health is much better. Meghan and Harry are “happier and more relaxed” since stepping back, a source told the outlet. “They are spending time as a family and taking a break away from the spotlight.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently moved to Los Angeles with their 11-month-old son Archie. He is their primary focus, along with the future launch of their new charitable organization. ET’s source said that “for now, they’re spending time with Archie and planning the next steps for their non-profit.”

A separate source told Entertainment Tonight early Sunday that Harry “misses his family.” But the prince is “staying in touch with his father [Prince Charles] and loves his grandmother.” That sentiment has not made him doubt his and Meghan’s choice though.

E!, meanwhile, had a source do a little debunking for them on Harry’s citizenship plans. He’s not about to become a U.S. citizen just yet, despite British tabloid reports claiming he would. “Harry is not applying for a Green Card or dual citizenship anytime soon, which will come as a surprise to many because that is what most people assumed he’d do on moving to the U.S.,” a source said.

The couple has not made any announcement about citizenship plans at this point. Meghan, of course, is American and has citizenship; their son Archie was also eligible for dual citizenship because of his mother’s status.


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