25 Adult Board Games to Fill Your Now-Very-Free Evenings

Board Games


Thanks to the current state of *gestures wildly* everything, I’m guessing your evenings are looking a lot less busy than normal. If you’ve already exhausted your TV binge list and finished that one puzzle sitting in your closet, it’s time to turn to board games. More specifically, these 25 actually-fun games that even adults will enjoy.

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For Creative Minds


Czech Games amazon.com


$15.39 (23% off)

Codenames looks like a word game, but it’s really a test of creativity, teamwork, and stealthy strategy.


For Adventurers

Catan Board Game

Catan walmart.com


A deceptively simple game, Catan will turn you into a competitive settler out to secure resources and build roads. Remember: There’s only one winner, but you have to make deals with your friends to get ahead. 


For Only Two Players

Alexander Travel Backgammon Game Set

Wolfum neimanmarcus.com


One of the oldest boardgames in history, all you need for Backgammon is two players, a board, some checkers, and endless time on your hands.


For Word Lovers

Bananagrams Game

Bananagrams target.com


If you ever thought, “How can I play next-level Scrabble?” then you’ll love Bananagrams.


If You Want to Color

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

Thunderworks Games amazon.com


The best part about Cartographers? You get to play with colored pencils as you work to fill in your game board Tetris-style.


If You’ve Got the Travel Bug

Ticket To Ride Board Game

Days of Wonder target.com


Stuck inside? Ticket to Ride lets you pretend you’re traversing the country as you connect cities with different train routes.


For the Internet Obsessed

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Card Game

What Do You Meme? target.com


We know you’ve been endlessly scrolling through quarantine memes. Put that knowledge to good use with this Cards Against Humanity-esque party game that matches captions to different memes.


If You Love Scary Movies

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Avalon Hill walmart.com


Not for the faint of heart, players need to survive moving through a haunted house in this game that includes ghosts, mummies, monsters, and betrayal. But also, it’s super fun.


If You Love Strategy

Risk Board Game

Risk target.com


If you’re in need of a new stay-at-home project, Risk, which invites you to conquer territories around the world, can take hours or even days to finish.


If You’re Good at Lying

The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game

PSI amazon.com


Will you end up in a screaming match at some point during this game where you don’t know who’s good and who’s evil? Is that what makes it one of the best games ever? Yes and yes.


For the Foodies

Sushi Go

Ceaco target.com


Build the best sushi meal to win the game. Order the best takeout sushi to win at life.


For a Fast-Paced Game

Scattergories Game

Scattergories target.com


This fast-thinking game requires you to recall items (all starting with the same letter!) in different categories. Make yours unique though because you’ll lose points for having the same answers as your friends.


For Those Looking to Save the Planet

Pandemic Board Game

Asmodee target.com


While this game might be a little too on the nose for the moment, here players take on the role of specialists in order to discover the cures for diseases ravaging the world. 


For Mystery Lovers

Clue Game

Clue walmart.com


Everyone knows how to play the classic game Clue, but it’ll still keep you guessing until the very end.


For the Art History Major

Azul Board Game

Plan B Games target.com


Channel your inner artisan as you use tiles to decorate a palace wall, all while gaining points, in this beautiful strategy game.


For Music Lovers


Spontuneous amazon.com



Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Taboo Game

Taboo Game target.com


The goal: Get your team to guess the right word. The catch: You can’t use any Taboo words in your clues. Good luck!


For the GoT Stans

Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game

Monopoly walmart.com


Use this extra time to both binge-watch Game of Thrones and play a Game of Thrones-themed version of the classic Monopoly.


For a Great Party Game

Monikers: Classics

Monikers amazon.com


It’s easy, it’s interactive, it’s sometimes inappropriate. It’s basically Charades with a few twists.


For the Whole Family

Dixit Board Game

Libellud target.com


If you have kids around the house, try this storytelling card game that’s easy to learn but still plenty engaging.


The Ultimate Classic


Cardinal target.com


Another oldie but a goodie, Mancala has a simple objective: Empty all your cups before your opponent does.


When You Want to Go Out, But Have to Stay In

The Game Of Life

Hasbro target.com


Pretend life is normal with this classic game that lets you have a career, a spouse, and a kid, all without leaving your apartment.


For the Conversationalists

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


Pour a glass of wine, and get in your feelings. When this card game is over, you’ll be feeling extra connected to the other players.


For the Leos

Cranium Game

Hasbro Gaming amazon.com


You’ll sketch, you’ll act, you’ll solve puzzles. As the box says, everyone shines.


For the Jewelry Lovers

Splendor Board Game

Space Cowboys target.com


Congrats! You’re now a gem merchant collecting cards and points in this easy-to-learn game you’ll be willing to play over and over.

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