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Rest and reflect, Taurus. The first three weeks of April are typically a low-key and private time for you with the Sun lingering in Aries and your healing twelfth house. Regardless of whether you’re under official orders to avoid social contact, spending time in your cocoon can be highly productive. If you’re anxious or restless, try to slow down and find acceptance as much as you possibly can. The twelfth house rules surrender and release. What can you let go of now, Taurus? Feeling out of control is deeply uncomfortable for your security-minded sign. But swimming upstream will do you no good. If all else fails? Remind yourself that Taurus season begins on April 19, and you can be more proactive then. (Frankly, nobody in the world will have much of an idea about what to “do” before that anyway…)

A surge of strangely timed optimism could arise on April 4, when visionary Jupiter and prophetic Pluto make their first of 2020’s three rare conjunctions (meetups) in Capricorn and your expansive, risk-taking ninth house. While many of us are being mandated to shelter at home, that doesn’t mean your imagination has to be confined. A powerful “eureka” moment could arrive as this duo lands in your ninth house of long-distance connections, entrepreneurship and study. Got a virtual course to teach, a business offering that can be created remotely and help humanity weather these intense times? Explore with abandon.

A major transformation to your mindset is coming. Once it arrives, ask yourself: How can you share your discovery with the rest of the world? You have much to contribute, Taurus, and your grounded energy is needed like never before. This is the first of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in 2020; the next ones will be on June 30 and November 12.

With innovative Uranus in Taurus until 2026, Bulls could become the surprising “way-showers” who lead people into the new reality of the 2020s. A weighty responsibility perhaps, but one you are totally equipped for, Bull. Stay open! Case in point, this widely circulated interview with Taurus epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, which many have found comforting for its combination of unvarnished truth-telling and deep scientific knowledge.

You might start turning your own lofty ideas into something tangible as soon as April 7, when the Libra full moon lands in your systematic and service-oriented sixth house. Under these pragmatic moonbeams, you could devise the prototype for a big idea or carve out a little spot where you can sketch, draft and plan in peace. The sixth house rules health and hygiene, so get busy decluttering (and disinfecting) if you need a few extra square feet of personal space. Feeling cooped up? Clean out your cupboards and try to replace any emotional-eating snacks with more nutritious fare. Stream a workout and, if possible, find a way you can get out in nature, observing all mandated social-distancing guidelines.

If you’ve been dealing with a medical issue over the past six months, this full moon can bring clarity or resolution. Got a bad habit to kick? Line up support and commit to replacing it with a new and positive practice. It’s also a great day to dive into completion of a project—give it one last push to the finish line.

But careful! On April 7, the stars also deliver a jarring square between brash Mars in Aquarius and your career zone and volatile Uranus in your sign. If you’re working remotely, tensions with a boss or client could push you to the breaking point…and it will be hard not to snap, even with a full moon in peaceful Libra. Your own perfectionistic standards might need to be dropped to a slightly lower bar now. Don’t compromise quality, but DO give yourself (and ahem, everyone around you) a little break. Walk away, get some movement, listen to a guided meditation. Whatever it takes!

Midmonth, the planets get into a scuffle as the ego-driven Sun squares off against power-tripping Pluto on April 14 and overconfident Jupiter on April 15. The Sun is in Aries and your hazy, delusional twelfth house, the zone of closure, imagination and release. Until April 19, you’re probably not at your sharpest (as we mentioned earlier), and everything is liable to be blown way out of proportion. A desire to rest and escape is countered by Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn and your “go big!” ninth house—and it’s all a recipe for exhaustion.

The Sun-Pluto square on April 14 could bring a power struggle, especially with someone who’s not being entirely aboveboard with you. This person seems to intuitively know exactly how to provoke you—and you could be tempted to lash out. If you do, you’ll not only lose the upper hand, but you might also reveal sensitive information. Keep your cards close to your chest and don’t engage.

The next day’s Sun-Jupiter scuffle could cause you or someone in your midst to overplay their hand. Don’t promise more than you can deliver—and safeguard against any offers that sound too good to be true. On a day like this, they probably are.
If you can, just sit tight until April 19, when the Sun (finally!) moves into Taurus and resets your astrological clock. While you can’t change the conditions going on around you, you’ll feel much more in the driver’s seat of your emotional and mental state. El Sol will hang out in your sign for a full month, but those rays will really start to kick in on April 22, when the year’s only Taurus new moon marks your “personal new year.” In whatever way you can, set your sights on a fresh start. The intentions you set today will unfold in the coming six months.
Just keep your cool on April 21, when the Taurus Sun locks into a harsh square with restrictive Saturn in Aquarius and your career zone. This could be another challenging day with work and responsibilities. You may feel that people aren’t listening to you or following the guidance of your leadership. Careful not to go into dictator mode, even if it gives you a temporary sense of control. You may feel like your team has abandoned you or that nobody has your back. Try not to spiral into a pity party under this pessimistic one-day transit. Be crystal-clear about the kind of help you need and ask for it clearly and directly.
On April 25, potent Pluto will slip into its annual five-month retrograde, backing through Capricorn and your expansive ninth house until October 4. Watch for moments when your faith gets shaky or you start to doubt yourself. While you may want to use this introspective period to deepen your research and reflection, try not to panic about things moving at a slower pace. You like to feel like you’re in the driver’s seat, and you’ll find it hard at moments to realize that you’re not. This is a good time to dive into the spiritual and metaphysical side of life, to read and learn and evolve. Personal growth can be painful at moments, but there’s a real opportunity to “go there” now—so double-down on whatever gives you sense of faith and purpose.
A stroke of genius arrives on April 26 as the bold Sun makes its annual conjunction (meetup) with inventive Uranus, the planet of technology, liberation and disruption—both in Taurus. Your brilliant ideas could finally be recognized. If you have a decision maker’s ear, take the opportunity to bend it and share your pitch. Watch out for tempers and egos that can flare up today. While it’s good to toot your own horn, there’s no need to shatter anyone’s eardrums in the process. Humility should never go out the window, even when the stars give you license to self-promote.


Time to get creative with your “displays of affection,” public or otherwise. The next couple months are going to be highly sensual in the stars—and given the need to keep safe distances now, you want to be prepared for that challenge.

Vixen Venus begins an extended trip to Gemini and your touchy-feely second house from April 3 to August 7, making it hard to keep your hands to yourself. Venus normally visits each sign for about a month, but since the planet of amour will be retrograde (backward) from May 13 to June 25, she’ll spend an extra-long time in this zone.

Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, which can be difficult for love; a time when relationships hit rocky patches or require repair. Since retrogrades rule the past, an ex or two may resurface. Begin your preventive practices now by getting on the same page about money if you’re in a relationship, since the second house rules financials. With so many people working remotely and losing jobs, there could be changes to how couples negotiate budgeting, shared expenses and personal space. Working from home? Before things get tense, carve out clear boundaries and time considerations so you don’t get under each other’s skin. A plus: Beautifying Venus can inspire you to embark on a lovely redecorating project in which you configure your space as a duo.

Meantime, Mars is in Aquarius and your future-minded tenth house, which could intensify the pressure to figure out structures and relationship goals during uncertain times. Couples will need to clearly discuss expectations and divide duties. Single? You may also need to create guidelines for how you even THINK about dating during this time.

Key Dates:
April 4: Venus-Saturn trine

Stability can be sexy! Don’t believe it? Just wait for this future-focused alignment of the love planet and “playing-for-keeps” Saturn in two of your most grounded houses. It’s a good day to talk about where things are going, but…tranquilo! If this is meant to last, you don’t need to push it along. Single? Don’t rule out a slightly older prospect or a responsible person you might have (prematurely) written off as boring.


Go with the flow, Taurus—at least for the first three weeks of the month. With the Aries Sun powered down in your restful twelfth house, you can spend your stay-at-home time tying up loose ends and completing projects. Break up assignments with lots of pampering and self-care. On April 4, a rare Jupiter-Pluto meetup activates your entrepreneurial ninth house. A visionary idea could consume you, so get ready for a breakthough. Even if you can’t totally execute this concept until better conditions prevail, capture the brainstorms and start playing out different scenarios. Writing, teaching and learning are all favored. Get busy learning some new skills or sharing the ones you’ve got.

At the April 7 Libra full moon in your orderly, analytical sixth house you’ll be able to draft a plan. This is also a great time for decluttering—go full Konmari on your devices AND your home workspace. By the time Taurus season begins April 19, followed by a Taurus new moon on April 22 (your personal new year), you’ll be ready to make decisive moves. The April 26 meetup of the Sun and innovative Uranus in your sign could bring a stroke of genius.

Key Dates:
April 3: Mercury-Neptune meetup

Teamwork can make the dream work! Several brilliant ideas will come out of collaborative brainstorming sessions today, but don’t get so carried away by the exuberant energy that you overlook obvious problems. Stay present in the moment, taking good notes; you can run them through the reality filter later.

Love Days: 5, 9
Money Days: 26, 16
Luck Days: 22, 13
Off Days: 20, 7, 11

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