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Your birthday season is here, Aries, and we understand it may be off to a subdued or disappointing start (#understatement). Whether you gather your friends on video chat, have a scaled-down soiree or skip the blowing-out-the-candles part (but please, eat cake!), we hope you’re able to find some joy in your special day.

The Sun is in your sign until April 19, which should have you feeling motivated to try new things—something we all have to consider during these uncertain and radically changing times. Starting fresh could mean many things—and you may have to reach deep inside yourself during this time of restricted mobility to come up with that.

But it won’t take long. You’ll get a jolt from the skies on April 4, when expansive Jupiter and subterranean Pluto make their first of 2020’s three intense conjunctions (meetups), which happens every 13 years. They’ll unite in Capricorn today, on June 30 and November 12, shaking up the foundation of your tenth house of career, leadership and accountability. You’ll be pushed to deeply examine what motivates you and where you can make your mark. At a time when many people are examining such weighty and existential matters, you’ll be a step ahead of the curve.

On a day-to-day level, this Jupiter-Pluto meetup could push you to completely rewire your professional path, as many are being forced to do. Is your work a true reflection of your values and beliefs? If you’re one of the countless people in the world facing an uncertain professional future, the first meetup of enterprising Jupiter and calculating Pluto could spark big ideas. How can you combine WHO you know with WHAT you do to create a sustainable income for yourself in the coming weeks and months—and beyond? You may feel a burning desire to do something that’s impactful and transforms people’s lives in a meaningful way. Since this is the first “hit” of this trio, it may take most of the year to clarify your calling. Today drops the first set of hints.

You don’t have to do it alone—even if you’re collaborating remotely. The April 7 Libra full moon beams into your partnership sector, sounding the call for companionship. A relationship could reach a turning point now. Can this go the distance, or are adjustments needed? Maybe it’s time to move on…or fully commit. In business OR platonic relationships, the balancing beams of this full moon can help you negotiate your needs.

Try not to make any knee-jerk decisions though, especially since current world conditions are adding so much stress and duress. While Libra might love to keep the peace, that same day will deliver a jarring square between brash Mars and volatile Uranus. Mars is in Aquarius and your social, collaborative eleventh house while Uranus is in Taurus and your daily-income zone. If you’re working remotely, things could get tense with the team. You may also feel caged-in or claustrophobic, tempted to self-soothe by spending a bunch of money online or picking a fight. Catch yourself in the act of those coping mechanisms and try to channel your energy into something more productive. Freshen up your online presence, and get out for some fresh air (earthy Taurus craves nature) while abiding by whatever guidelines are being enforced in your area. And if you’re frustrated by the lack of social contact (we don’t blame you!), find a way to move that anger through your body rather than letting it fester.

Midmonth, the Sun gets into two power struggles that can dial up major egos. On April 14, the Sun and Pluto lock into a tense square, then the next day, a Sun-Jupiter square finds you feeling restless and trapped. With the self-focused Sun in Aries battling Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn and your rule-abiding tenth house, it’s hard to sit still and follow anyone’s protocol. Nobody tells an Aries what to do! Watch for stubbornness and authority issues that can rise up disruptively near these dates.

The April 14 Sun-Pluto square would NOT be the day to air grievances with a coworker since it’s far too easy to activate others’ trigger points. And the Sun-Jupiter square can make people come across as overconfident or even cocky. Wait a few days for the intensity to simmer down.

Some grounding energy arrives on April 19 as the Sun enters Taurus, shifting into your stability-seeking second house. This will make it easier to slow down and take things moment by moment. There’s a lot to DO during this productive planetary cycle, so roll up your sleeves and get cracking, Aries. The April 22 Taurus new moon could reveal a new income source or moneymaking project. Ready to shift your mindset or begin a grounding new habit? Simple practices can keep your feet on the ground now, especially when your entire lifestyle has been turned on its head.

The day prior, April 21, could deliver a sobering reality check when the Taurus Sun locks into a tough square (90-degree angle of tension) with rigid and restrictive Saturn in Aquarius. The ringed taskmaster is bearing down on your cooperative eleventh house, making it hard to get buy-in for your ideas from team members. If you own a business, you may need to cut way back on staff. The company you work for could announce layoffs. Warning: This could be a day when the hardships of the world hit you directly, and your usual Aries firepower is in short supply.

A Sun-Saturn square is typically harsh and pessimistic—and while it’s only a one-day transit, it can really bring down your mood. Line up support in advance of this date. How about setting up a group video chat, a mastermind call or a virtual support circle?

Ready for some (more) transformation? On April 25, Pluto begins its annual retrograde through Capricorn until October 4. While retrogrades get a bad rap, this one—which happens for five months every year—can deliver a silver lining. Getting some “space” from the cosmic lord of the underworld is probably a GOOD thing. Since retrogrades rule the past, old fears or anxieties around your career could resurface along with some “dad issues.” You might also return to a former line of work or do some forgiveness and healing with your father or a male-identified person in your life.

The month ends with an electrifying jolt as the Sun and innovator Uranus form their once-a-year conjunction (meetup) on April 26. As these two renegades unite in Taurus and your second house of work and money, you could have a “eureka!” moment about ways to generate income or create security through the pandemic—ones that don’t leave you feeling boxed in.


Social distancing doesn’t have to exclude flirting, Aries—and your texting fingers could be busy this month! Vixen Venus begins an extended trip to Gemini and your communicative third house from April 3 to August 7, making you bubble over with words of affection. You may be effusive when letting people know how you feel. Venus normally visits each sign for about a month, but since the planet of amour will be retrograde (backward) from May 13 to June 25, she’ll spend an extra-long time in this zone.

Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, which can be difficult for love; a time when relationships hit rocky patches or require some repair work. Begin your preventive practices now. Listen with extra keenness and express yourself openly. Get any issues diplomatically out in the open—before Venus retrograde adds a harsh overtone and makes it much harder to get on the same page as your love interest.

Meantime, lusty Mars is in Aquarius and your platonic eleventh house from March 30 to May 13, so if you’re stuck with a hands-off policy, this could help ease the pain. Keep the soap handy for abundant washing—or even better, experiment with a little sexy dialogue over the phone or video chat. The eleventh house rules technology, so let your fingers do the typing and swiping.

Key Dates:
April 4: Venus-Saturn trine

Boundaries! If you’re struggling to communicate something a little heavy to a love interest, it can help to treat it like a professional relationship. Sometimes, when you’re too close, it’s easy to “dump” on them or speak disrespectfully. Imagine you don’t know them that well, then have a fair-minded and caring dialogue. Single? A casual conversation could lead to something provocative and worthy of pursuit!


It’s not as easy to make bold moves, but where there’s a will (and an Aries), there’s a way. While the current crisis might put a crunch on your cashflow, your trailblazing sign thrives in exactly these conditions, too. You may have a heroic moment at the April 4 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, as two powerhouse planets unite in your tenth house of career. Want to find out what you’re really made of, Aries? This day could bring out a side of you that you didn’t know you had. An opportunity to partner up arrives at the April 7 Libra full moon. Is there strength in (virtual) numbers now? Cooperation can help you get through the tough times. When the Sun enters Taurus and your stabilizing second house on April 19, the path to financial security gets clearer, aided by the fresh start beams of the April 22 Taurus new moon.

Key Dates:
April 3: Mercury-Neptune meetup

It’s not your brainpower that will be your secret weapon today. It’s your ability to read the tea leaves. With a mashup of analytical Mercury and psychic Neptune in your twelfth house of divine downloads, you’ll notice things that aren’t expressly on the page. Don’t second-guess yourself; trust this!

Love Days: 3, 7
Money Days: 22, 13
Luck Days: 20, 11
Off Days: 5, 9, 18

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