Edo Central Progressives For Obaseki(ECPO) Salutes The Exemplary Leadership, Precaution, Courage Demonstrated By Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye In The Face Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Edo Central Progressives For Obaseki(ECPO) salutes the exemplary leadership, precaution, courage demonstrated by Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye in the face of Covid 19 pandemic and wish him the quickest recovery.

There came a critical time. An existential crisis had resonated from the Chinese hemisphere and spread all across Europe, North America, Asia and of course our own African continent down to the microcosmic points of every nooks and crannies of the constituent countries. Never had a worldwide epidemic or pandemic threatened mankind since the Spanish flu which broke out in 1918.

Corona Virus, at its earliest outbreak, the rate of its threat or spread seem mild. And so, Hon. Frank Okiye, had, at the time embarked on a trip to London, essentially, not on a frolic of his own but in furtherance and pursuance of the interest of Edo State and the good people of Edo, ancillary to his oversight functions as a principal public office holder in the State.

No doubt, U.K happened to be one major flash points of the Covid19. Being aware and taking cognisance of the potential threat to his health and that of his immediate family, political associates and the good people of Edo, the Hon.

Speaker Frank Okiye had called in from London requesting for logistics to be put in place back home at Edo, to enable him conduct a test as precautionary measure and a place for him to observe isolation pending the outcome of the test result. Understandably, although the test came out not so favourable, it gladdens our heart that the Hon. Speaker is been attended to by medical experts and he is responding to treatment tremendously.

Indeed, his dexterous patriotism and show of enormous leadership quality is worthy of emulation and should be commended by all and sundry. Of course, the hallmark of leadership is putting the people first. And Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye demonstrated this to our utmost admiration in this perilous times. Little wonder that in the face of uncertainties, members of the Edo State House of Assembly found you worthy to assume the leadership of the House, to pilot the affairs of the House for the betterment of Edo State.

While we join hands with our good Governor Godwin Obaseki to fight the scourge of Coronavirus in Edo State, the ECPO under the able chairmanship of Dr. Nosa Edeko, the executive committee and the entire members will continue to pray for the quick recovery of Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye in the fastidious faith and hope that he joins the Governor and all other political office holders soonest, to pilot the affairs of the State to greater heights.

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