Share masks, sanitizers like you share rice during elections, Omokri urges politicians, others

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Reno Omokri, Coronavirus

Reno Omokri

Number one bestselling author and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri, has called on politicians in the country to commence distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, hand sanitizers and ventilators to protect Africans from COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus.

Pastor Omokri also urged politicians to buy these equipment and share to Nigerians just like they shared rice, oil and other food items during the 2019 general elections.

According to Omokri, the Europeans, the Americans and other world bodies who usually give medical and financial aids to Africans to combat crisis are themselves worst hit by the current endemic virus.

While also urging celebrities and the rich to join in the acts of philanthropism, Pastor Omokri, however, decried the Federal Government’s shutdown of government activities, noting that while President Trump of the United States has continued to be active in office in seeking solutions to the scourge, Nigerian President, on the other hand, has shut down the government in fear of the virus.

According to him, “I urgently call on African industrialists to temporarily convert their manufacturing process for the production of face masks, hand sanitisers, and ventilators to protect Africans from the Coronavirus.‬ Europeans, Americans, and others who usually give medical and financial aid to Africans are themselves overwhelmed by this pandemic. It is time for Africans to help themselves. I also call on African celebrities to resist the urge to flaunt their affluence on social media. If you have too much money, don’t flaunt. Silently donate to stop #COVID19″

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“During Nigeria’s 2019 elections, Nigerian politicians openly shared rice, oil and other food items to influences voters. Nigeria’s Vice President openly shared #Tradermoni. This same pattern repeated itself in many other African nations. Now, that the coronavirus has forced Nigerians and their African brothers to stay at home, African politicians and governments have abandoned them. No more rice and food sharing. We need that election food sharing NOW. President Buhari and other African leaders, I appeal to you, don’t wait until election time. Dead bodies can’t vote for you. You asked your people to stay at home, so give them FOOD!

“Long before scientists/doctors told you to wash your hands as protection against deadly diseases, God first told you to do so in Leviticus 15:5 and Isaiah 1:16. If humanity obeyed God, we would not have the global coronavirus pandemic. God is REAL. God did not cause the coronaVirus. Man did. By our own actions. As a matter of fact, if we had observed these Scriptural laws on hygiene as well as the laws on what, when and how to eat, it is highly unlikely we would have had this virus, and many other diseases, including HIV. Don’t blame God for what man did.

“The coronavirus outbreak has caused President Donald Trump to be more visible. He briefs America every day for at least an hour, and has more meetings than before, in order to find a solution. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, President Buhari has cancelled meetings, including the Federal Executive Council Meetings, and retreated into Aso Rock. Here is a man who promised to lead from the front. Instead, he is hiding at the back. A leader should be more visible during a crisis, but Buhari has turned to the invisible man. What do you call a General who retreats from the enemy?”


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