COVID -19: Kaduna residents express fear over total lockdown

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COVID-19: Infection toll in Nigeria jumps to 22

COVID-19: Infection toll in Nigeria jumps to 22

Residents of Kaduna metropolis on Sunday expressed fear of total lockdown likely to be implemented by the government at levels to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The residents, however, lauded the Federal Government for the closure of Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano, Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu and Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, effective from March 21.

The residents also lauded the Federal Government for closing down NYSC camps, primary schools and higher institutions in order to prevent and contain the spread of the virus.

Malam Aminu Bello, a trader and a resident of Tudun Wada, Kaduna, spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said that the Government’s decisions for locking down some institutions of the state was a good one but should not implement total lockdown.

“If the government implements total lockdown measures toward containing coronavirus, then a lot of people will die of hunger instead of the virus being tackled through other means, he said.

“The petty traders only get money to feed our families when we go to the market daily, we don’t stockpile food at home if the government should implement the total lockdown.

” This would surely make us die of hunger”, Bello said.

He urged the government to implement restrictions on interstate movement of people as an alternative to the foreseen measures of total lockdown.

Another resident, Ibrahim Mu’azu, a civil servant, who resides in Zaria, said that with the current hardship and sufferings even before the coming of covid19, total lockdown would worsen the situation.

“Some people didn’t save anything or prepare for any curfew or lockdown and some have to go and source for what to cater for their families on a daily basis, he said .

However, Mailafiya, a pharmacist at Sabo, Kaduna, however said that the total lockdown would be an effective and stringent measure to curtail and contain the spread of the virus.

“Nigeria should have been locked down long before now if advanced countries with all the medical expertise will be locked down, why not Nigeria? he said.

Also speaking to NAN, Jarma Ibrahim, a butcher who resides at Unguan Mu’azu, Kaduna, said that with the daily increase of the number of people infected with the virus, Nigeria would be locked down eventually.

“In the case of widespread of the virus in Nigeria, total lockdown is not advisable because a larger percentage of our population don’t stock food in their stores.

“The Government should enforce strict measures and laws to prevent and contain the virus that if one is found violating them, he or she should be dealt with severely, he said.

“However, if total lockdown comes into play, it will lead to business closure which will eventually lead to hunger, fear, panic, hysteria hand. irrational decisions, he added.

“There would be a very high increase of crime rates, looting and daylight robbery will become the order of the day, Ibrahim said.

Emmanuel Nmadu, a resident of Narayi Highcost in Kaduna, in his own opinion, said “total lockdown will be very dangerous to our demography, we are not prepared for such kinds of emergencies, he said.

“People should be sensitised repeatedly through all means possible on the dangers involved in attending social gatherings in this trial time”, Nmadu said.


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