Corona Or No Corona; Nigeria Never Prepared By Egbeolowo Ridwan

A time will come, we won’t be able to differentiate between the proletarians and the bourgeois. — Egbeolowo Ridwan

In hard times like this, I hope African leaders would know the importance of investing in health and education. Many would be surprised why all eyes are on African countries. The reason is because the health facilities in most African countries are not something to write home about. If the virus had originated from a country like Nigeria, at least, nearly half of her population would be infected by now. There is no doubt about that. 

Mere looking at the coronavirus, a deadly bio-weapon now ravaging the earth’s surface. Let’s see if things would change for (the)better. Let’s see if some African leaders would be progressive or not. Let’s see if it would be the same idea of running after the west for cure or not. We are waiting for what is going to happen in the next couple of days and weeks. 

One would be surprised to here a sarcasm such as, “what is the difference between a Nigeria free of coronavirus and a Nigeria full of coronavirus? 

At least, we’ve had so many cases of casualties as a result of negligence on the part of the government. I once heard a case where a patient is been delayed at a government hospital, because the medicine needed to take care of the patient was not available. When the pain was no longer bearable; the patient gave up the ghost. So many cases of negligence on the part of the government, but which one is ineffable for me to mention here.

All these assertions  are a reflection of how progressive&regressive we are as a Nation-state. Coronavirus or no Coronavirus, Nigeria as a state, we have always been vulnerable more than ever! 

If truly the coronavirus was said to have originated from a Chinese lab in Wuhan,  Whether the Chinese government released it intentionally to crumble the economy of the west or not, wether they released it to control their population or not; the truth of the matter is that, the coronavirus outbreak further exposed the rot in some countries health sectors: countries such as Nigeria, Sudan, and a host of others.

Most readers would be surprised why some writers centers their write-ups on Nigeria. One of the reasons is because Nigeria as a nation-state, pride herself as the giant of Africa, whereas reverse is the case if one is to look at it critically!  Nothing is working appropriately in Nigeria of today. Health sector, education sector, economic sector; all are in a state of comatose. Hence, my fear for a coronavirus outbreak in an already dead country like Nigeria, would not only be a disaster but the end of Nigeria. And to finally look at it all, Where is our microbiologist? It is believed  that they are suppose to be on the forefront to put an end to this virus. But no! Most of our microbiologists are now motivational speakers, tailors, hairdressers, and barbers. How do we we go about solving our own problem(s) when those that should be on the field are into something else? 

Finally, I want this coronavirus, to be a warning emissary to the Nigerian government. If China could have a powerful bio-weapon such as coronavirus, definitely some other countries would have powerful bioweapons that are more dangerous than (the)coronavirus. If mistakenly released as they always say and Nigeria is a victim, without mincing words, the people of Nigeria would have been on their way to extinction by now.

So In order to avoid a repetition of what is happening, it is imperative for the Nigerian government to invest on health sector & education sector. 

The development of any nation begins with utilitarian education!

As i always say at the end of my article that, “I am not being vulgar as some of my readers would think, as I am also in the system but this should be seen as didactic as possible”. It is a call to sober reflection. Time to wake up is now! 

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