Blyden Amajirionwu: Have Things Become This Bad For Imo State? (Part One) By Chibuike Onyeukwu

The final proof that things may have, within the last one month, actually become very bad for our dear state, Imo, is the “open letter” written by one Blyden Amajirionwu purportedly to His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON. Amajirionwu’s “open letter” entitled, “Putting Imo First Before Personal Interest, An Appeal To Ihedioha And PDP”, was published in some (Owerri-based) newspapers and on some social media platforms.

Apart from the fact that I am a personal aide to Ihedioha, I, a citizen of the state, feel quite ashamed that such trash could come out from amongst a people reputed to be one of the most sophisticated and cerebral in the entire country. I would have probably ignored Amajirionwu since a response would ordinarily mean giving some credit to his hog wash, however, I felt I should pose the following question to the good people of Imo state: Have things actually gone that bad that a Blyden Amajirionwu could weigh-in on serious issues concerning the state?

I am aware that Amajirionwu, who hails from the Ngor Okpala Local Government Area – easily home to some of the best brains in the state – parades himself as a politician. Of course, we know what such a claim means. Politics a serious venture, unfortunately, is today peopled by charlatans, the reason that noble trade is today seen by many as one made for idlers.

The last time I heard about Blyden Amajirionwu was about seven years ago when he was sacked from his position as Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party for anti party activities. I will neither discuss for now, how Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha facilitated his elevation to the position, nor reel out the patronage he got from His Excellency both in membership of Federal Boards and contracts. But he was able to get away with that because PDP did not bother to tell its faithful the type of anti party Amajirionwu was caught in. Amajirionwu, who parades himself as “Okenze” was sacked specifically because he was a mole working for the administration of former Governor Rochas Okorocha.

Before Amajirionwu’s so-called “open letter”, he had taken up not less than ten pages of advertorials in the local (Owerri-based) newspapers in which he praised Senator Uzodinma to high heavens, following the fatal Supreme Court judgment of January 14, 2020 that is still generating global outrage. In most of those advertorials, he portrayed himself as the “spokesperson” of the entire people of Owerri zone, not even for just APC. Inukwa Blyden!

This is the same Blyden Amajirionwu that had the temerity to write a letter to the people of the state since an “open letter” means that it is addressed to the entire people. I don’t know his academic background, though he does not come across as educated but I can state without any fear of contradiction that it is quite tragic if a Blyden Amajirionwu begins to be seen as part of the discourse on the current state of affairs in the state. Sadly the event of January 14, 2020 has again, elevated mediocrity.

Let me, however, but quite reluctantly, look at one or two of the issues raised by him in his purported letter. Of course, the reason is not to get even with him as that would be condescending for even my humble self. The thrust of Amajirionwu’s letter is that His Excellency, Rt. Hon Ihedioha, should withdraw his popular application, seeking to set aside the January 14, 2020 Supreme Court judgement obtained by fraud, on the March 9, 2019 governorship election in the state . For the interest of those who did not read Amajirionwu’s letter – I believe that 90 per cent of readers in the state must have skipped the page upon sighting the name of the writer – let me quote aspects of it – “Your petition seeking for a review should forthwith be withdrawn more importantly now that the third respondent in the case, INEC had (sic) backed off from any form judgment review as it concerns Imo”. Yet, this same person claims to be the spokesperson of the entire Owerri zone. Again I ask: Have things really become this bad for the state?

Hear Amajirionwu:  “I advice (sic) even on withdrawal, that you render unreserved apology to the Supreme Court panel headed by CJN, Tanko Mohammed”.  This particular error occurred in more than five places in the letter. So, it is not a typographical mistake. My good people of Ngor Okpala, home of late Nnanna Ukaegbus, late Eze Kele Okerekes, Jude Njokus, Sam Amadis, Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke, Soronnadi Njokus, Ethelbert Okeres, TOE Ekechis, Austin Uganwas etc, what is going on? 

Granted, Amajirionwu, true to his type, is desperately seeking recognition and attention. Nothing is wrong with seeking attention, but he would have done so with decorum – if he has any though. I pity what would become of him and his likes, when the Supreme Court, having seen clearly, the fraud in the purported results that misled them, reverses itself, based on the application before it on March 2, 2020.

As I noted at the beginning of this piece, though it is a fact that I am Governor Ihedioha’s personal aide and unapologetic loyalist, I make this response more as a citizen of Imo than in the former capacity. 

While his insinuation to things like His Excellency’s “business” and “source of income”, is one of the main things that made his letter very pedestrian and elementary, can Amajirionwu tell Imolites the business he was doing or source of income before his late father succeeded in pleading with His Excellency, Governor Achike Udenwa and His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha (then representing Aboh Mbaise/Ngor Okpala Federal Constituency) to appoint him the Coordinator for the Ngor Okpala North Development Centre in 2006? And since after his disastrous tenure, can he tell Imolites his other sources of income save politics. I learnt he was one of the revenue “consultants” for the Owerri Capital Development Authority (OCDA) towards the tail end of the Okorocha administration, a reward for being a spy for the administration as I earlier noted.

In his ill fated admonition to His Excellency to withdraw his current petition at the Supreme Court, Amajirionwu made reference to Ihedioha’s previous outing in the national assembly as well as his defeat of Senators Ifeanyi Araraume and Samuel Anyanwu in the 2014 and 2018 PDP governorship primaries respectively, as a basis for his warped “advice”.

Except that as I have repeatedly noted in this article, political issues in Imo have become an all comers affairs, to the extent that the likes of Amajirionwu can now claim to be experts, even the least discerning watcher within and outside the state knows that the cases he sighted are entirely different from the current one. In either of the cases (Araraume and Samdaddy), was it discovered, according to Uzodinma’s fake results, that votes cast were over and above the number of registered and accredited voters? Did any of the cases have to do with a situation whereby nonexistent votes purportedly garnered from 388 polling units were all allocated to one candidate (Uzodinma) by the Supreme Court when there were more than 60 other candidates that took part in the election? If these posers are the very things agitating the minds of learned men (lawyers) and informed observers across the country and in the diaspora, is it not curious that a near-illiterate is talking about them with such a tone of finality? 

Another reason Amajirionwu wrote his “open letter” and which is his stock in trade: Name dropping. He wrote: “You are aware of myself, your person and Gov. Hope Uzodinma having a cordial relationship in the past. This cordiality can still be revived this moment in the interest of Imo. I am still a ready willing tool to perfect reconciliation between you and Gov. Hope Uzodinma”. Poor Amajirionwu! He would have seized the moment to become a hero by asking Senator Uzodinma to stepdown forthwith, apologize to the entire nation and turn himself in for prosecution. I bet you, Amajirionwu would have gained the relevance he is seeking and posterity would have been so kind to him.  

Well, it is said that in the world of the blind, a one-eyed man becomes the leader. But Imo people are not yet all blind, but if a Blyden Amajironwu is a frontline negotiator with his political adversaries, then his imaginary political sagacity may become subject for further enquiry.


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