W. Africa Crude-Unipec offers down, Djeno lingers

 LONDON, Feb 6 (Reuters) - A Chinese halt to West African
crude oil buying remained in place amid the Coronavirus outbreak
and China's Unipec lowered some prices for Angolan cargoes it
re-offered for sale amid sluggish demand at home. * Unipec lowered its offer for Gindungo from dated Brent
flat to minus 20 cents, Pazflor from plus $1.00 to plus 80 cents
and maintained Sangos and Saturno at plus 50 cents and minus 65
cents respectively. * Traders said Vitol expressed interest in purchasing the
cargo of Saturno but the sale did not proceed for reasons that
did not immediately emerge. * State oil company Sonangol sold its cargo of Girassol
reportedly for around above dated Brent plus $2.50 after
offering it earlier in the week for plus $3.20. * Sonangol continued to offer a cargo of Dalia at $1.50. * So far as few as a single cargo of Djeno had sold among
the seven-cargo March export programme that emerged around two
weeks ago. ENI sold it to a Chinese buyer on a term basis. * Chevron was offering a cargo of the Congolese grade at
dated Brent flat and another was being offered slightly below. RELATED NEWS * U.S. crude flows to Europe are set to increase over the
coming month as demand from Asia has plummeted due to the
coronavirus outbreak, traders and shipbrokers said. * Asian refiners' profits from producing gasoline have
rebounded this week from multi-month lows, outperforming other
fuels, as prices rose on dwindling supplies from China,
according to industry sources and Refinitiv data. (Reporting by Noah Browning, editing by David Evans) ))

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