On Ihedioha’s Eviction: A Young Lady’s Perspective By Chiamaka Okafor

These are the official figures of the March 9, 2019, gubernatorial election in Imo State: Emeka Ihedioha (People’s Democratic Party) 273,404 votes, Uche Nwosu (Action Alliance) 190,364 votes, Ifeanyi Ararume (All Progressive Grand Alliance) 114,676 votes, Hope Uzodinma (All Progressives Congress) 96,458 votes and Ikedi Ohakim (Young Progressive Party) 527 votes.

The public did not make up or manufacture these figures; they were given to us by the “trusted” and independent election umpire just the way a mother feeds her child.

No server was hacked to manipulate these figures. We know that for certain. So, we can rightly say these figures were “the voice of the people” of Imo State.  

Ihedioha’s chance at making an impact

As some folks will say, Ihedioha was afflicted by the “spirit” of Iberiberism, a political philosophy popularised by former governor Rochas Okorocha. He was carried away by the same “spirit” that carries away all our politicians and public officers.

It is this same Iberiberism that informed the demolition of structures, which cost millions of naira to erect instead of converting them to social amenities that will cater for the needs of Imolites. He spent or better still wasted more money to demolish same structure. Did he have to demolish to rebuild like he promised? I think the money used in demolishing could have been invested into converting those structures into schools, hospitals, etc.

Fast forward to Mbaka

The popular Catholic priest known as Father Mbaka has been a useful tool in the hands of the political elite of our dear country.

The gullibility of Nigerians has made it very easy for our common enemy to divide us along the lines of religion, language, gender and anything you can think of. It is also safe to crown us the world capital of sentiments. Religion has however, proven itself king of these tools.

It is quite simple. Our religious leaders have become the god or gods we see. We have been brainwashed into believing they can do no wrong. Therefore, whatever they say is eternally true and unquestionable, which is why our politicians have found them worthy business partners in running the enterprise called Nigeria.

“Mbaka prophesied in 2015 and it came to pass.” Of course, we must believe the anointed one and listen to the voice of God coming from the executive assistant on political matters.

Late 2019, during the much-adored crossover night for Christians, he prophesied again that Mr Hope Uzodinma would replace Mr Emeka Ihedioha at the Government House, Owerri.

Today, the Supreme Court has perfected those words by declaring Mr Uzodinma winner of the 2019 governorship election in Imo State.

Guess what? We have just been played again.

Are we all not God’s servants? Our gullibility has been used against us again and that is why after what went down on Tuesday evening, citizens of this great enterprise are trolling people, who spoke against Mbaka and saying all manner of unbelievable things in the 21st century.

To sound like our spiritual leaders, people of Nigeria I have a message for you from the Almighty: the Almighty says you have a brain, please use it.

Mbaka never saw any prophecy in 2015 and he did not see any in 2019. He was only doing his job, which was to prepare the way for the political conquest. His job was just to help step down or play down the shock if you like.

A leap into the future

Mbaka also prophesied that many shocking things will happen in the year 2020. I agree with him on this one, but I must remind him that this is no prophecy. Shocking things happen every day.

To end this prophecy session, I prophesy that Nigerians will know a Nigeria they have never known. Remember to heed the advice of God’s anointed.



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