Sandralia Hotel To Host Abuja All White Pool Party TodayAmidst Wide Anticipation

The annual and 0.6 edition of Abuja All White Pool Party is set to hold in Abuja, as residents and fans from across the city and beyond are already anticipating a delightful experience. The Abuja All White Pool Party will shutdown the Abuja city today, 8th of December at Sandralia Hotel, slated to commence for 2:00pm.

Described as an event like never before, the 0.6 Abuja All White Pool Party will be having the presence of top Abuja-based celebrities, comedians, media gurus, CEOs, beauty queens and other reputable persons from across Nigeria.

Speaking with principal organizer of the pool party, Amb. Kingsley Amafibe he says, “There really ain’t no party like what will go down today at Sandralia Hotel, as all hands are on deck to make the event epoch, mind blowing and significantly entertaining. The official dress code remains all white and I want to assure you that your participation will be quite enjoyable”

Known as the most attended pool party in FCT, with a distinguished applaud across Nigeria, the All White Pool Party has received remarkable recognition and honour for its Significant influence in showbiz industry as regards the massive turnouts it records during the event.

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