SSS Is Indeed A Lying Machine By Stanley Imhanruor

I have read with amusement, the press release by the SSS wherein the service unashamedly denied any attempt to rearrest Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare in the well of the court.

Since the barbaric and misguided act by the SSS was well captured on tape, it is pertinent to reference some of the pictures and videos circulating in the media space.

In the viral video, the person holding Sowore down (the man that eventually emerged  beneath Sowore, wearing white shirt and a black jacket is an officer of the SSS.

Everyone could see from the viral video that when the arresting officer got up people where asking him: who are you? Who are you? But the officer refused to respond to the posers.

The officer is also arrowed in some of the viral pictures circulating on social media platforms.

The said officer is constantly around Sowore in the courtroom and he is the officer obviously detailed by the SSS to always be with Sowore in the courtroom to monitor his movement and conduct whenever the matter comes up in court whilst other officers stay some metres away watching.

For clarity, the officer’s name in question is Dekko Nelly (Marshal).

Please do not be deceived by the press release by the SSS as same is merely a smokescreen designed to save its already badly battered image locally and internationally in the circumstance.

No matter how far and fast a lie travels, truth which is eternal and immutable will always overtake it in the long run.


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