UROMI: Esan North East is Seriously Growing Both in Economy and Population

The suspension of operation of the newly built Abattoir at Unuwazi should please be revisited by all concerned parties and stakeholders involved.

It is still unwise even if anyone will want to look at it from any angle, to not take advantage of the essence why that project was initiated and built after tax payers money was used. That slaughter house can serve the interest of the various communities sorrounding Unuwazi, from Uzenema, down to Arue, Eror, Ivue, Obeidu and even Egbele. We all don’t need to find ourselves in Uromi town just because we want to eat meat. Let’s learn to diversify and expand Esan North East beyond Mission road. Let’s think please.

Esan North East is seriously growing both in economy and population. On this note, we must encourage and support ideas that can give economy life to other communities to reduce the already overcrowded business environment like the Abattoirs, Uromi main markets etc that are at the center of the City. The same vein we must all come together to encourage and support the government in decongesting the outflow of market men and women trading along the road. For tourism to flourish, and to attract both investors and tourists, the Local Government must prepare for a clean and serene environment, one that don’t encourage traffic gridlock. Our main and adjoining roads are not even wide enough to allow trading by the sides of the roads, not to mention the dangers involved.

We just have to play very less politics with key issues that concerns the development of ENE so we don’t have ourselves to blame in time to come

By Emmanuel Odine


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