Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Well, hello, charming and magnetic one! Monday, November 4, features a quarter moon in your sign that gives you major mojo as well as the superpower to keep things from spinning out of control. As a balancing lunation, this may also shine a light on areas where your own life could stand a little recalibration. For instance: All work and no play is so NOT the Water Bearer way, and if you’ve been burning the midnight oil at both ends, it’s time to get some sleep! This doesn’t mean blowing off responsibilities or social obligations—just making sure you’re actually choosing the way you occupy your time. There is a happy medium between showing up for others and taking care of Numero Uno. And your innovative sign understands better than most that you can have plenty of fun while still being productive. Not only “how” you spend said time but with whom is key. While you might enjoy scheduling social-networking activities—like morning walks where you kick around your latest ideas—be sure to leave big gaps in your schedule for spontaneous fun and mingling.

Tuesday’s forecast comes with a serious blurt alert. With rash Mars stirring things up in your unfiltered ninth house AND working at cross-purposes with manipulative Pluto in your unconscious zone, you’re prone to some ill-advised utterances. For starters: If someone shared highly confidential intel with you, do not under any circumstances be tempted to tell “just one person.” You made a promise when you said you’d keep this in the vault, so if you value the relationship—and your own reputation—shhh. Even if you’re riffing with acquaintances, don’t assume everyone shares your (irreverent) sense of humor OR your politics. That’s a slippery slope to tread near, and not worth alienating friends and potential allies. And really, what do you have to gain from that? When you’re not sure what to talk about, ask questions! Stay on guard for people trying to pry info out of you. This isn’t a good day to make hasty assumptions or trust someone who hasn’t earned that place in your life.

Friday’s a perfect day for some lighthearted social networking as the focused Scorpio Sun in your career corner gets into formation with auspicious Neptune in your second house of finances and security. Dial up the charm, strike up conversations, and if you think someone can advance one of your pet projects, be generous and pick up the check. Don’t be afraid to ask for their input on something that’s not in “lockdown” mode. Reveal just enough to give them a sense of the plan, but then, listen more than you talk! Note: While Neptune can spark magical connections, it can also be a bit of a smoke machine, making it hard to know exactly what’s going on in someone else’s mind. This Sun-Neptune trine may inspire you to infuse more soul into your goals. Beyond the daily grind, what can you do that makes you proud? Organize an office recycling campaign, reduce the overall carbon footprint or maybe start a fund for a holiday charity donation? Start now, and it could reach critical mass by the end of the year!

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