Nigerians Remind Osinbajo Of Promise To End Apapa Gridlock

Nigerians on Twitter have reminded Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, not to forget his promise of helping to end the perennial traffic situation on the Apapa Expressway in Lagos.

Leading the call, one user named Naija Class Captain, said that it has been two years since Osinbajo promised an end to the traffic situation without any tangible result.

On November 14, 2017, Osinbajo in a post on Twitter had said he presided over a government/private sector meeting on how to bring an end to the monstrous traffic situation on Apapa Expressway.

His words, which initially gave hope to road users on that axis, have since left them bemoaning their daily sufferings on the popular expressway.

Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Naija Class Captain said, “Dear @ProfOsinbajo, it’s been two years since you flew over Apapa traffic gridlock and promised to do something about it. How come it’s not yet resolved?”

Another user, Olukemi, described Osinbajo as nothing more than a public speaker, while another person on the popular platform called him “a condolence register signer”.

A lady named Lilian Adie went on to express frustration with the constant visit by political office holders to Apapa without action.

She said, “The more they point and make promises they obviously won’t keep, the more the problems get worse.”



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