Young Nigerians Concerned About Sowore’s Detention -Segalink Tells Dele Momodu

Segun Awosanya widely known as Segalink has called out the older generation of Nigerians, who believe that youths have nothing tangible to offer the country.

Attacking Dele Momodu, CEO of Ovation Media, he said, “Distinguished @DeleMomodu, this is a wrong perspective.  

“A good number of us are concerned and committed to the release and perfection of @YeleSowore’s bail as well as others, they’re not alone, we are not just talking. We’re doing quite a lot without being boisterous.

“Our generation, unlike yours sir, is redefining the art and science of challenging the status quo.  

“We need not make anyone an enemy to be hated to win hearts and minds just to coerce political will. We are earning support by putting genuine work behind our advocacy and agitation.

“The future belongs to us and there is no point in struggling for anything whatsoever with a dying generation of shortsighted irredentists, who may have been deceived into thinking they will live forever but we have mastered the art of planting trees.

“The days of burning tyres on the streets and sacrificing innocent souls merely to establish our notoriety to be next in line for power are gone. 

“We are rising as one now and leaving no one behind. We will not judge our peers but encourage and carry them even when they fall.

“Our generation is mostly misunderstood and most of the people who wage a surreptitious war of attraction against us fail to understand that what they waited for centuries to achieve was achieved in the space of a decade in our time. So we will never do things your way, sir.

“You know I love and respect you a lot and will always tell you the truth sir. 

“The fact of the matter in this whole power game is that everyone pays in the end.”


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