Lai Mohammed Needs Psychiatrist’s Help Before He Sets Nigeria Ablaze By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Majority of people who come to see a psychiatrist are suffering from what is called either a neurosis or a character disorder. These two conditions are disorders of responsibility, and as such they are opposite styles of relating to the world and its problems. 

In the case of Lai Mohammed, the federal Minister of Information, he suffers from character disorder. People afflicted with character disorder assume not enough responsibility and when they are in conflict with the world, they blame others. 

So is the case with Lai Mohammed. He automatically assumes that bloggers and critics of rudderless administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on social media are at fault. 

Lai Mohammed wants to proscribe social media in Nigeria by saying that Nigerians on social media who expressed their anger and frustration on the bankrupt state of Nigeria will set Nigeria on fire. Lai Mohammed’s threat is more of distraction and for image sake than anything else. Only idle ministers of Buhari like Lai Mohammed are able to sleep with their two eyes closed in a country with over 100 million people who are destitute.

Lai Mohammed easily gets caught up in doing things for image sake and to distract the people from serious national problems. The threat in my opinion, is pure facade and hypocrisy by trying to cover up Buhari’s incompetence and directionless government.Lai Mohammed’s statement is not only a sickening diversion, it is an attempt to cover up his leadership failure in the tragic way he runs the affairs of his useless and meaningless information ministry. His threat stems from being an insecure minister who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Lai Mohammed represents leadership example of Buhari administration. 

Leadership that fails to provide security to Nigerians. Leadership that takes more than it gives. Leadership that continually limits citizens. Leadership that continually sabotaged  our country. Leadership that’s self-seeking and manipulative. Leadership that feels intimidated and deal with others through intimidation. Leadership that blames others for its dilemma. Leadership that spends more energy pretending doing nothing.

Lai Mohammed lies in order to project a false image for the Buhari regime. He reacts with fury when he doesn’t get his way. His only concern is about his own benefit. He seeks to destroy any potential threat to his position. Lai Mohammed threatens Nigerians on social media because his sense of worth is missing, because he has no sense of belonging and because he feels illegitimate for lack of purpose, and he feels inadequate due to crass incompetence.

For a public servant who puts priority on service delivery, that burden always comes first. Lai Mohammed has demonstrated convincingly that he’s not burdened by the sordid horror state of affairs in the country. Threatening Nigerians on social media will earn him no respect or add any plausibility to his already soiled credibility.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those things that hurt, instruct,” which is why wise people learn not to dread criticisms but actually embrace them. Diverse thinking makes it possible to solve a variety of problems. Critics on social media are not the problem. Lai Mohammed, Muhammadu Buhari, supporters and defenders of the clueless Buhari regime are the problem. They have resolved to burn down Nigeria. They are the ones that must be sanitized. 
The fuse has already been lit: abject poverty, unemployment, corruption, oppression, insecurity, violence, kidnapping, preventable and treatable diseases that kill millions due to a lack of healthcare, hospitals with doctors, nurses, and drugs, good roads, drinkable water, good educational system, etc.

The miseries are countless. Lai Mohammed, as information minister, believes the best way for the Buhari regime to rescue this tattered nation is to abridge freedom of press and freedom of speech guaranteed by our constitution, then Lai Mohammed needs the help of a psychiatrist before he sets Nigeria ablaze with his maladies. 

We will not succumb to the threats of political prodigals and prostitutes. 

We’ll fight them with our last breath. 

By the time you finish reading this, DSS may be coming for me. I’m ready for them. I dare say bring it on!


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