Men Like Dele Momodu By Olorunfemi Adeyeye

Not quite long from now did Twittersphere got lit due to a
constellation of fiery tweets and retweets of comments emanating from
Chief Dele Momodu’s tweet; one that berated youths, whom he claimed
have ‘abandoned’ Sowore to only talk cheap on the Internet. He
mentioned in the tweet how the youths are not ‘putting their
resources’ together to secure his release and fight for power.

Inasmuch as one would agree that there is a level of docility in the
society and it is particularly among the young people, who actually
constitute the largest percentage of the demography, one can not
totally rub on their faces the failings of the society, especially
when such is coming from a man who lacks the moral authority and
temerity to do the rubbing.

Chief Dele Momodu as a former presidential candidate lacks principles.
Bob Marley had him in mind when he said in his famous quote that “some
people are so poor that all they have is money”.

This is a man who is putting his resources together, including his
literary prowess, to support someone infamously considered a drug
baron, certificate forger, bullion van mover to fulfill what he called
“a day with destiny” in 2023.

In his article that went viral over the weekend, he highlighted how
Tinubu would make a good president. They have come again! The “Na dem”

He and others have started the image laundering project of Tinubu just
the same way that Buhari’s was done. Whose fault is it at the end of
the day that those who should have had their “day in prison” are
dreaming of having a “day with destiny”. Social disorder!

These men who keep insulting young people who appear helpless today
know deep down in their hearts how bad the product they are selling
is. Yet because of favours, money, and positions, they go ahead to
market it; capitalizing on the mass illiteracy and mass benightedness
in our society.

All caused by the ruling political class.

They would later turn around as “public intellectuals” to tell the
“youths” to fight the ‘bad market’ they sold. They would rub on our
faces our collective docility.

To be clear. You tell people who are struggling to eat two decent
meals per day to fight for their rights. How? This is possible but

“Humans” (a term used to describe people who have settled, in the
hierarchy of needs, their basic physiological needs- food, shelter,
and clothing) are the ones who can demand human rights.

Are the majority of Nigerians humans yet?

This would never excuse the docile young people in my generation
neither was it intended to make a case for inactiveness. It is rather
a class consciousness piece – for Nigerians to know their enemies in
their crudeness. For them to know that their enemies are organized in
all strata of society. For them to know that only a revolution is the
way out and this can only be achieved by organizing too.

For them to know that instead of invading ShopRite, as a reprisal on
South Africans- during the Xenophobia saga- as much as such action is
condemned, Bourdillon isn’t far.

Men like Chief Dele are the ‘elders’ in the society they instruct us
to respect. Those who don’t care about us but their bellies.

Twenty-two weeks ago, as seen on his Instagram page, he was testing
waters with Sowore; looking out for opinions as per support for him
towards 2023.

Today, he has his hands in the air and butt swinging like a pendulum
for Tinubu. People like him belong to an association called AGIP- Any
Government in Power. No principles. No ideology. Just to eat!

Unknowing to them, the young people are becoming conscious and have
rejected this style and it is game up for these paid influencers who
use their followership to swindle Nigerians and misuse their roles in
the society. Their misused role in society can be likened to a
scenario of a blind man entrusting his finances to the hands of a man
who turns out to be a reincarnation of Anini. Just the same way a
former attorney general of our country helped some international
swindlers to steal from Nigeria by exposing the loopholes in our laws
to them.

It is a crime against humanity.

Men like Dele Momodu shouldn’t have been allowed to inhabit this space
by natural occurrence. It’s rather unfortunate that we have them.

No wonder Davido called him his boy.

Have you forgotten that part of the lyrics, “Mr. Dele na my boy. Dele
na my boy”?

Davido knew what he was saying after all.


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