Buhari Doesn’t Believe In Nigeria, His Regime Not Interested In Nation’s Progress -Apostle Tseye-Okotie

The President Muhammadu Buhari regime has been slammed for
deliberately stalling the development of Nigeria.

Buhari was specifically fingered as preferring to patronize foreign
medical institutions instead of developing those in the country.

“The government in power doesn’t want this country to be good. You’re
sick, you go abroad for treatment.

“The clinic in Aso Rock can’t be used by the occupants because it is a
health centre,” said Apostle Alfred Tseye-Okotie, the General Overseer
of Hilltop Believers Assembly Nigeria Incorporated.

Speaking on Sunday with journalists in Warri, Delta State, after the
church’s international conference tagged, ‘Upon Mount Zion, God Will
Do A New Thing’, Tseye-Okotie added, “The leaders of this country
don’t believe in this country.

“If they do, they will fight to develop it. This is the reason every
young person wants to leave the country.

“It is not PDP or APC. It is a systemic problem. The problem is, the
system has been made to rot. If Nigeria must work, we must give way to
people who are competent, visionary, reasonable, intelligent for
things to work.

“We need to change the way we think about Nigeria. Nigerians don’t
love Nigeria. Nigerians don’t love Nigerians.”

He explained further, “If an American citizen gets lost, the whole of
America will go and look for that one person. Let one Nigerian be in
crisis, nobody gives a damn about you.

“China doesn’t fast and pray. Yet, it is one of the leading nations of
the world. Middle East, Dubai, UAE is built in there.

“In Nigeria, we run away from the truth. Until we put our feet down,
we will never go forward.

“We must change our mindsets. We must change the way we think. If the
government creates an enabling environment for the common man to
succeed, success will come.


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