Esan North East Local Govt Chairman and EFCC Distraction

I Have Consistently Maintained That When It Comes To Uromi Issues, I Hate To Play Partisan Politics….. I Will Continue To Maintain That Position..

I Actually Don’t Know How They Run Their Things @ LGA In Uromi, But For Me, The ‘Pull Him Down’ Campaign Being Orchestrated Against The Chairman Of The Council Is Absolutely Unnecessary & Unhealthy For The Development Of Our Communities Of Uromi/Uzea.

He Should At Least Be Given The Benefit Of Doubts.

The Chairman Is Someone I have Known For At Least 38 years, (still counting), As A Friend & Brother, I Can Say With Every Sense Of Responsibility That He Is Not A Dubious & Greedy Fellow.

He Could Be Stubborn At Times, Which Is Natural Of Course, But Very Intelligent, Objective, Articulate & Thorough On Sensitive Issues..

I Do Not Also See Him As Reckless & Irresponsible. I Feel Strongly That There’s Some Elements Of Political Undertones To This Whole Brouhaha, But Unfortunately, It’s Someone’s Political Life & Dignity That Are Being Slaughtered On The Alter Of Jealousy, Envy & Hatred Just Like That…As We See

Though I Have Not Spoken To The Chairman On This EFCC Issue, But I Have Taken Time To Investigate Privately By Speaking To Some Staffs Of The Council & Few Interested Stakeholders. It Is Certainly Not The Way It’s Been Blown Out Of Proportion On Facebook Or Social Media… Let’s Take It Easy Abeg!

Granted That Their Could Be A Possibility Of Some Discrepancies Or Disagreements In Some Dealings According To Them, Yet, There Must Be Room For Fair Hearing, Judgement Before This ‘Crucify Him… Crucify Him’ Song That Is Coming Out From Even His Party Members.

We Must Exercise Some Restraints In Making Uncouth Comments Or Branding A Yet To Be Tried Or Convicted Man A Criminal. This Is Un-Uromians..

So Sad That We Have Allowed Politics To Becloud The Type Of Love & Togetherness Which Once Existed As Well As Reigned Supreme In The Kingdom Of Uromi Decades Back… Very Unfortunate!!

For Now, He Remains Innocent Until A Court Of Competent Jurisdiction Says Otherwise, As Such We Must Accord Him His Due Respect Or At Least Respect The Office He Presently Occupies..

What If He Comes Out Clean Tomorrow?

Let’s Stop Killing Ourselves Please..

Okpa mhan rebhe khin ibhiaba….

On This Matter, Until He is Proven Guilty, Beyond All Reasonable Doubts & Case Taken To Its Logical Conclusion, I STAND WITH THE CHAIRMAN, Esan North East LG.

God Bless Our Dear Kingdom Of Uromi.

Dcn Darlington Okpebholo Ray


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