Nigerians, It’s Time To Free Yourselves From Buhari’s Tyranny! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

December 1776, Thomas Paine reminded Americans that “Tyranny, like
hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us,
that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”.

That was 243 years ago.

In 2019 Nigeria, Thomas Paine’s declaration resonates with oppressed
Nigerians subjected to hellish conditions by President Muhammadu

President Buhari is a poor substitute for a leader of representative
democracy that respects your rights. Buhari is far worse than  Sanni
Abacha. After all, Abacha was neither voted for nor rigged through
election into office. He was a military dictator.

The abuses, oppression, violation of human rights, violation of your
Constitution, and disrespect for rule of law, fly in the face of every
democratic idea and ideal.

Nigerians, you’re to blame.

As if you’re under a divine curse, you watch helplessly as Buhari
reduces you to slaves dithering over meaningless trivialities. You
watch with your hands tied behind your backs as Buhari tightens the
noose on your freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and progress.

He has turned you into zombies!

Could you ever believe that in 2019 Nigeria you will live in a lawless
country that has been aptly described with different primitive
epithets: zoo country, poverty capital of the world, a nation of
thieves and cowards, a country where nothing works, a failed state,
zombie nation.

The list goes on.

Would you have imagined that in 2019 Nigeria, a pro-democracy
advocate, human rights crusader, publisher of the fearless and
influential muck-raking portal, SaharaReporters, and former
presidential candidate would be abducted in the night by agents of a
“democratic government” arrested, detained on trumped-up charges of
serious crimes of treason that carries death penalty?

Whereas, in the same country, deadly terrorists like Boko Haram,
herdsmen terrorists, are being pacified, curdled, massaged, paid for
killing innocent people, while thieves and crooks were appointed into
high visibility public offices. What the hell is wrong with you

Nigerians, where is your collective rage? Where is your kindled anger?
Where is your seething outrage?

Nigerians, it’s time to free yourselves from Buhari’s tyranny! Wake up
from your self-induced stupor. Fight for your life, your dignity, your
soul. Fight for your future. Fight on behalf of your children’s
children. Resist the evil president. Call off the bluff of the
gap-tooth devil and his satanic agenda!

You must halt the advancement of the ancient evils of a sadist in
democratic camouflage.

Nigerians, you’re at war with your public enemy number one. Buhari is
a sworn enemy of your nation, your people, and your civilization.
Buhari is not joking. He is determined to erase you from the face of
the earth. He sees critics and whoever disagrees with him as
terrorists and placed them on government watch. You have become
targets for surveillance of your activities and correspondence.

Now, it’s legal to arrest, detain, and hold you indefinitely in
incommunicado without bail or trial for exercising your freedom of
speech, assembly, association, and freedom to protest peacefully. You
have been stripped of your rights. You have been  labelled as enemy

Nigerians, the danger is real.

The time is now for you to use some revolutionary outrage if you have
any left. Invoke the revolutionary spirit of your ancestors and
declare your independence from the tyranny of Buhari’s police state.

Nigerians, lest you forget, the government’s job is to protect your
innate rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Remember, government power comes from the will of the people. Buhari’s
government should not be an exception.

Make no mistake about it. It is evident that the purpose of Buhari’s
second term is to establish a tyrannical government. Buhari’s
government has become destructive. It is your RIGHT to alter or
abolish it and institute a new government.

President Buhari is sitting on a time bomb that will explode any time
from now unless he makes a dramatic U-turn. If he likes, let him
continue to hunt down critics. Let him continue his oppressive rule.
Let him continue as an invincible emperor.

Like other dictators before him, he’ll be swept away by the tide of
the looming and inevitable #RevokutionNow!


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