Fulani Herdsmen: Despite Being Northern State, Benue A Bad Brother, Neighbour To Us

The National Chairman of Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Sale Bayari, has slammed Benue State for being a bad ‘brother’ and ‘neighbour’ to Fulani herdsmen while commending Oyo State people for accommodating them.

Bayari stated this during a public presentation of views, observation of the proposed grazing regulations bill 2019 by the Oyo State House of Assembly.
The presentation was held at the house of chiefs, Agodi, Ibadan.

Bayari said, “From our calculations, one cow will eat grass, drink water, drugs and other maintenance costs to the tune of N1,500 a day.

“Despite Benue state being a northern state, it has been a very bad brother and neighbour of the Fulani herdsmen.

“Ironically, it is Oyo state among Yoruba states that have been and remained our home truly as Nigerians due to the wonderful warm and receptive nature of the great descendants of Oduduwa that the Fulani herdsmen have come to see and accept as their beloved great grandfather too due to their accommodating spirit, nature and character of the people of the Southwest.

“We shall continue to be law-abiding citizens of this state and here undertake to ensure that we fish out all the bad elements among us that are distorting the peace and tranquillity of Oyo state.”

The parliament had proposed the bill as a way of finding a lasting solution to violent clashes between farmers and herders in the state.

The speaker of the house, Adebo Ogundoyin, noted: “There is a need for us to continue to live in peace and harmony, Fulani and the farmers have been living together for a long time ago and nobody ousted his or her boundary or herders grazing their cattle in a way that will destroy farm input.”


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