Sowore’s Trial Represents Buhari’s Sacrament Of Evil To Destroy Nigeria By Bayo Oluwasanmi

After Omoyele Sowore has been detained for more than 47 days without bail and without trial, Nigeria’s newest Emperor, Muhammadu Buhari, has finally made up his mind to take Sowore to court tomorrow. With blasphemous boldness beyond belief, Buhari charged Sowore with crimes reserved for members of Taliban, Al-Qaeda, herdsmen, and Boko Haram terrorists. The seven-count charge includes treason, money laundering, and cyberstalking Buhari.

Sowore is a tireless pro-democracy advocate, human rights activist, publisher SaharaReporters, and  presidential candidate in 2019 presidential election. The charges against Sowore read like comical satirical fake news. Treason for organizing peaceful protest against inept, insensitive, backward, and corrupt Buhari’s regime? Money laundering in the amount of $16,000 which was transferred from the account of SaharaReporters New York to the Lagos account of SaharaReporters Media Center? Insulting Emperor Buhari? It is tragically laughable that even the cow head Attorney General Malami and buffoons at the justice department could not even concoct believable charges against Sowore.

In the history of Nigeria, Buhari is the first and only democratically elected president ever ventured upon open and highhanded oppression against Nigerian people especially critics and opponents of his government. Sowore’s only crime against Buhari is having the audacity to confront Emperor Buhari by articulating eloquently sufferings of poor Nigerians that have been amplified due Buhari’s misrule, injustice, nepotism, incompetence, and corruption.

Sowore’s trial represents Buhari’s sacrament of evil to destroy Nigeria. For the records, Nigeria was a failed state when Buhari took over. Nigeria remains a failed state. At the time Buhari ran for office, many of us supported him because we believe he would turn things around. But, having failed to effect badly needed sweeping changes to revolutionize Nigeria, we withdrew our support for his administration. We became his harsh critics, “wailers” as Buharidindinrins like to refer to us. After all, we have the constitutional right to protest against any government like we did during Abacha, IBB, OBJ and Jonathan.

Since Buhari came to power five years ago, things have gone from bad to worse. Nigeria has increasingly become Sodom. The manifest state of moral debasement, violence, and corruption in the country is terrifyingly worrisome. Buhari’s presidency pride itself in oppressing and persecuting innocent Nigerians like Sowore, while the real money launderers and those who commit felonies against Nigeria hobnob and fraternize with Buhari everyday.  

Buhari  has taken oppression to the next level. Oppression has now become a pre-eminent characteristic of Nigeria. Nigeria is governed by Buhari with heaven-daring wickedness and oppression. He appointed the basest of men, the most abandoned monsters of cruelty and vice as ministers. He pays homage to evil doers – the wreckers and destroyers of our people, nation, and democracy. In contrast, he vengefully hunts for Sowore who is known for his unique bluntness for the truth, courage, sacrifice, doggedness, boldness, and unselfish love to free impoverished Nigerians from want, disease, hopelessness, and wasted life.

Under Buhari, Nigeria has fallen into deeper decay and our civilization gone back to its native wildness. Buhari now presides over a country of unwonted progress. Nigeria has become a vast almshouse, the poverty capital of the world. Only Buhari and his cabinet of thieves and National Assembly of looters flourish in the decaying nation. Buhari as a despot, rule with dreadful tyranny. Nigerians have lost lessons of sacrifice and unselfish love. We are led away from the practice of self-denial for the good of others.  

Buhari as a sadist and dictator, derives immense joy and satisfaction from torturing people with opposing views. No wonder, dictators never die, they merely reinvent and perfect their dictatorship! Ironically, the Nigerian poor remains fastidiously attached to their servitude and degradation. Buhari’s  intolerance of dissent voices in a presidential democracy grows more apparent and oppressive with each passing day. The greed and profligacy of Buhari’s presidency result in grinding extortion of the poor. The courts – the last hope of the common man – have been rendered useless and meaningless due to corruption, case fixing, and selective justice. With Buhari at the helm, evil times in Nigeria is a stark reality of a cruel and diseased leadership. All these put together naturally gave birth to Sowore’s agitation in the form of RevolutionNow.

History has a way of repeating itself. In the 60s, Chief Obafemi Awolowo (Yoruba) and a leader of opposition in the federal parliament was arrested, detained, by Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (Fulani) the then Prime Minister of Nigeria. Awo was charged along with others with treasonable felony. Awo was jailed 10 years. Nigeria under a president of the Fulani extraction charged Sowore (Yoruba) with treason. As Sowore goes to court tomorrow, the outcome of the case is predictable.  

My prediction about Sowore’s case:

Buhari will appoint Egba man (from Abeokuta) as presiding judge to handle Sowore’s case. Justice Sowemimo Egba man (from Abeokuta) was the judge who tried Awo. Awo was not granted bail during his trial. Sowore will be denied bail during proceedings of his case. Leonard Ezenwa the expelled former treasurer and secretary of AAC will be the chief witness for Buhari’s government. Other witnesses against Sowore will be the political enemies of Sowore. All the witnesses have been heavily bought with irresistible amount of money. The case will be speedily and swiftly disposed. There will be no delays, no postponements, no frivolous adjournments as it is the custom with APC and PDP looters and thieves charged to court.   The Tanko Supreme Court will dismiss post-haste any appeal by Sowore.
Meanwhile, Akindanidanis, Mumus, Zombies, and Buharidindinrins will continue to die by keeping silent in the face of Buhari’s tyranny.


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