Gen. Abdulsalami: We Can’t Bequeath Hopelessness To Nigerian Youths

General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd), a former Head of State of
Nigeria, has said the old generations of people in the country cannot
afford to leave a disunited and insecure country for future

Abubakar, who spoke in Minna, Niger State on Sunday, posited that the
country is walking a tightrope as regard peace and security while
adding that urgent measures must be taken to prevent the rope from
cutting midway.

He also noted that the current situation of the country requires
collective efforts by all the country’s stakeholders.

He said, “As we commemorate the International Day of Peace, we must
raise the bar of peace and always walk the long to peace in all

“We cannot bequeath chaos, disunity, a state of insecurity and
hopelessness to the future generations of Nigerians.”

Abubakar urged youths to embrace the virtues of tolerance, fairness,
and respect for human dignity and avoid vices that disrupt sustainable
peace and development, DailyTrust reports.


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