HURIWA Calls Release Of Sowore, Other Political Detainees

Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria has called for the immediate release of pro-democracy activist and Convener of RevolutionNow movement, Omoyele Sowore, and other journalists and activists currently held by the Nigerian Government.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, HURIWA accused President Muhammadu Buhari of using security agencies to stifle dissents.

The group said, “Nigeria has never been this bad with a general collapse of law enforcement by the police and an unprecedented rise in arbitrary arrests and detention.

“Security agencies are becoming willing tools in the hands of the Abuja tyrant who has since unleashed a regime of brutal clampdown on activists and journalists brandishing choreographed charges that lack justification.”

HURIWA also accused the United Nations, under the leadership of Antonio Guterres, of aiding and abetting the rise of tyranny in Nigeria by conferring global status on the Nigerian Government.

It added, “It is either that the United Nations is tolerant of dictatorship or the hierarchy of the United Nations is dangerously incompetent and uninformed about the stark realities of excruciating pains systematically inflicted by the current government on a massive scale targeting millions of Nigerians.”

Sowore was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services in Lagos on August 3 for calling on Nigerians to take to the streets in peaceful protests to demand a better country.

Despite calls for his release, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has continued to hold on to him.


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