I Didn’t Deactivate My Twitter Account, I Only Ran Out Of Data, BudgIT’s Seun Onigbinde Claims

Co-founder of BudgIT, Seun Onigbinde, who had received bashing from Nigerians after his appointment as an adviser to the Ministry of Budget and National Planning by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, has denied claims that he deactivate his Twitter account to avoid attacks by enraged citizens.

Instead, Onigbinde has attributed his brief disappearance from Twitter to running out of airtime and mobile data.

He, however, apologised to Nigerians, who may have been hurt by the development.

He said, “The truth is I didn’t deactivate/delete my account because of the advisory role. Those who follow me keenly know that I do sometimes to declutter and focus.

“I didn’t know yesterday morning would be the day. But, I knew it would come.

“I am also glad that I wasn’t online. I ran of airtime and data. Maybe if I read everything, I would have lost my emotional balance.

“I am grateful in all things. I pray to do my best and not undermine the values I mentioned in my note. If my tweets hurt you, I am sorry.

“Everything said had a context that was also packed with emotions and expectations. May the Lord make it easy. May our voice be strong.”


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