Stunning! BamBam Nails Look To Delphino Picnic With Fayrouz!

Don’t you just love a well-executed slay?
Well, when Fayrouz and Delphino Entertainment tagged the last Delphino Picnic in Abuja “nature meets natural”, they expected a lot of different looks but it was a breath of fresh air to see former BBNaija housemate, BamBam bring the theme to life, literally.

The Big Brother Naija 2018 star lit up the arena with her attention-snatching ensemble.

BamBam who recently said “I do” to the love of her life, Teddy A, was original in her stunning dress which blended into the theme of the Delphino Picnic perfectly, but at the same time stood out enough to make heads turn and cameras flash.

BamBam’s outfit was made by Lady Beellionaire Luxury, her makeup by Chiniella Beauty while the gorgeousness that was her hairstyle was put together by Evi Hair World.

This young woman hardly gets it wrong whenever she steps out for events and this was no different. Add to that the elegance of the event and Fayrouz’s refreshing touch, the upscale premium event lived up to the hype.

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That trademark BamBam smile

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BamBam’s nature inspired dress effortlessly complements Fayrouz’s all-round “nature meets natural” theme! We stan!

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The shutters couldn’t stop clicking

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What’s a fun event without a selfie?

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We just can’t get enough of BamBam

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Beautiful right?
Well, since we don’t have Teddy A’s privilege of seeing this beauty every day, we’ll just wait for her next appearance.

And how wonderful would it be to have our favourite premium soft drink there too?


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