Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


With the Sun ensconced in your collaborative eleventh house for another couple weeks, you’re happy as a clam being “e pluribus unum” with a work team or friend group. Everyone’s voice counts, and decisions are made by committee, not decree. And yet this Tuesday, September 10 could bring a bit of a dramatic hiccup to the Three Musketeers routine. Magnetic Neptune in your fifth house of glamour and fame locks into a challenging opposition with the noble Sun, nudging you onto the main stage. Part of you is slightly abashed by this fantasy, yet another side—perhaps a more dominant one—loves the idea of hijacking the moment. Examine your motives, Scorpio. If this is a rare chance to showcase your talents and broadcast something you’ve been working on (and not getting credit for), why NOT? On the other hand, if this is a blatant attempt to impress someone, think twice. Rocking that boat might not cause a gentle wave; you could capsize the whole ship! You’ll weather another round of this “look at me” energy on Saturday, when your co-ruler, intense Mars, faces off with Neptune. Act from your heart, and when you know what it wants, don’t equivocate!

Mind your wallet—and your friends—on Thursday, when a nerve-wracking clash erupts between Mars in that group sector and no-limits Jupiter in your money house. Without recognizing it, you might feel pressure from social obligations that tempt you to blow your budget. Before you reflexively jump in, consider the value of what you’re doing. A pricey night out with top-shelf (and bottomless) drinks will be fun in the moment, but when that credit card bill comes in, it won’t be worth those now-forgotten few hours of indulgence. That said, things like a club membership where you can hobnob with influencers who might advance your cause or career are more like an investment.

You might naturally recede into the background for a spell starting this Saturday as soulful Venus and thoughtful Mercury drift into Libra and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house until early October. This is your annual retreat (of sorts), when put your needs first and take a less guarded view of life and the people in it. If you’re single, you might accept date offers from types you wouldn’t normally go out with, but with your emotional armor in mothballs, why not? Note that with your normal wariness in sleep mode and dreamy Venus at the wheel, you might only see what you want to see—and miss some flagrant red flags. Coupled Scorpios could benefit from opening up more white space in your mutual calendars to engage in favorite “just us” activities—and maybe try some new ones together.

Saturday also marks the year’s full moon in Pisces and your fifth house of passion. A simmering situation could reach the boiling point over the next two weeks. Even if you have to relight the flame a few times, once it catches, it could get steamy! Not in mood to take the lead? Drop some major hints, and if they’re not picked up on, drop that person like they’re (not) hot. Attached? This lunar lift may take things to the next level—and, since this zone rules fertility, you might feel ready to commence babymaking—or on a metaphoric level, “birth” an artistic work that you’re proud to put out in the world.

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