Edo plans to host Best National Sports Festival in 2020 – Guardian Nigeria


The Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the 20th National Sports Festival (NSF), has said that Edo State is set for an impressive outing, even as the state’s team is set to give other states a run for their money for top medals at the competition.

Anegbe Anthony Akiotu, who is the chairman, LOC sub-committee on Media and Communication for the 20th National Sports Festival (NSF), stated that the state is hosting to win the 20th edition of the festival.

“Edo is determined and focused on winning 160 gold medals and we
are ready to give our athletes the best exposure by way of preparation. Our athletes are going to be camped early enough and we are going to expose them to the best of facilities, weather, and good feeding condition to enable us to achieve the objective of winning a minimum of 160 gold medals.”

Akiotu said all facilities to be used for the game are undergoing renovation and upgrade before the festival, adding, “for us as a state, we are not just hosting, but we are hosting to win in a clean and clear
way. This festival is like the Olympics in Nigeria.

“We have extended the date for submission and entry of logo and mascot by two weeks. We have also charged professional musicians in Edo State to come up with a befitting song that will propel and motivate Nigerians for the game.”

He assured that the state is also making plans to predict and forestall any hitches, noting, “I assure you that we are not going to ask for a postponement of the date for the festival, as we are going to host one of the best festivals in the history of the game.”


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