Sanwo-Olu’s 100 Days: Persons With Disabilities Slam Lagos Governor

The Centre for Infrastructural and Technological Advancement for the Blind (CITAB) has taken a swipe at the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, over his lack of attention to the disabled community in the state during his first 100 days in office.

The Executive Chairman of CITAB, Jolomi Fenemigho, said this on Friday in a statement.

The CITAB boss further accused Sanwo-Olu of failing to achieve any of his campaign promises for the disabled community.

The statement said:  “Judging from the governor’s 100 days’ record, nothing has been done or said with regard to the plight of disabled persons within Lagos state which we consider unsavory because it does not reflect a commitment to his developmental agenda that was part of his 2019 electoral campaign manifesto. We recall that part of that manifesto indicated Sanwo-Olu’s agenda to include ‘…expanding programmes for vulnerable groups like the elderly and people living with disabilities’.”

CITAB lamented the high level of unemployment among the disabled community, adding that there were many disabled graduates roaming the streets of Lagos in search of jobs while little or nothing had been done by the new administration to alleviate their suffering.

The statement said further, “The previous administration introduced various developmental programmes for persons living with disability which they massively embraced and benefited from. It was expected that Sanwo-Olu would walk in the steps of his predecessor since he claimed he would run an all-inclusive government on assumption of office.”

In addition, the group claimed that the majority of public schools in the state imposed “regular education” on disabled students as “if the authorities were unaware of their need for accessible learning environment with special learning devices such as audiobooks, talking calculators, braille machines, voice amplification devices, captioning video monitors and others that would boost their academic performance”.

CITAB, however, added, “The state government has a responsibility to renovate and install accessible features in all public structures in the state for easy access to the disabled in line with the 2010 Lagos State Special Peoples Act, which states in section24, sub-section 4: ‘The Government shall ensure that roads, sidewalks, pedestrian crossing and all other facilities made for public use shall be made accessible to and usable by persons living with disability including those on wheelchairs.

“The immediate past administration made a difference by prioritizing the needs and welfare of the disabled and we, therefore, urge the current administration to follow the footprints of Ambode in order to work closely with various groups of the disabled 
through the Lagos State Office For Disability Affairs (LASODA) in order to properly implement the 2010 Lagos State Special Peoples Act.”


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