Nigerian Government Accuses El-Zakzaky Of Demanding ‘Special’ Treatment In India

The Nigerian Government on Wednesday accused the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, of demanding to check into a five-star hotel and wanting to receive visitors of all kinds in India.

The popular religious leader was flown to India on Monday for medical treatment following an order by a Kaduna court directing the state government to release him from detention to attend to his failing health.

In a statement by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Grace Isu Gekpe, El-Zakzaky’s demands were rejected because he went to India only for medical purpose and not tourism.

The statement read, “In addition, El-Zakzaky demanded free movement and access to visitors of all kinds as well as requested to be allowed to check into a five-star hotel instead of being admitted in the hospital. 

“The request was refused on the ground that he came into the country for medicals and not as a tourist (more so that his visa was issued on medical grounds and not for tourism). 

“He also demanded that police protection should be withdrawn from him by the Indian authorities.

“On reaching Dubai enroute India, El-Zakzaky began to display ulterior motives against laid down procedures.

“Against medical ethics and standard practice, he requested to nominate doctors of his choice to join the ones tasked by Medanta Hospital to perform medical treatment on him and his wife. 

“This created a stalemate, which the hospital insisted that he would not dictate to it on the choice of medical personnel to carry the required medical treatment.

“Frustrated by his antics, the Indian authorities expressed willingness to return him to Nigeria with immediate effect. 

“This is on the account that they will not allow him use their country to internationalise his group’s activities. 

“On this note, his foul cry that he is being held in circumstances worse than he was in Nigeria should be disregarded.”


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