Eliminate Nepotism, Clannish Governance, Rights Lawyer Tells Buhari

A legal luminary and human rights activist, Malachy Ugwumadu, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to form inclusive governance as he sets up his cabinet for his second term in office.

Malachy said this in Lagos highlighting his expectations from President Buhari as he commences his second term in office.

Malachy noted that without the struggle for the realization of June 12, Nigeria would not have a day like May 29, set aside for handing over of power from one leader to another.

He also added that the ideals of June 12 are to ensure that the true of the practice of democracy, which includes credibility of the electoral process and rule of law exists in the country.

He said, “The ideals of June 12 are not about handover notes or salutations of soldiers during march pass parades or inter-denominational church services but about the universal adult suffrage, the credibility of our electoral processes, the integrity of our institutions, the rule of law and above all, the sanctity of the collective will of Nigerians.

“Therefore, we expect, in the immediate, the composition of an Executive Team that will inspire and rekindle the dwindling hopes of the Nigerian people, point to the prospects and possibilities of Nigeria and Nigerians.”

The rights activist calls for a smooth and working relationship among the three tiers of government in the country while demanding an urgent improvement in the economic situation of the country.

“The economy must be revamped urgently to stimulate growth and tackle the massive unemployment in the country. The right economic environment including infrastructure must be put in place.

“Insecurity must, therefore, be dealt with urgently having reduced the unemployment level in the country 

“An inclusive government that eliminates the perception of nepotism and clannish practices must be seen to be operational. The fight against corruption as an existential challenge must be intensified but clearly within the parameters of extant laws,” Malachy said.


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