Like Tonto Dikeh Like Nigeria Politicians By Lawal Sodiq Adewale

Tonto Dikeh is a beautiful diva on the screen. Her style of acting is superb. Tonto is always ready to go extra mile to interpret roles and make fans fall in love with her the more. Her expository knowledge in interpreting roles is rare. Within few years on screen, she became the toast of all, celebrity of purpose and melted the hearts of her fans with good movies, a pay for hardwork and persistent determination.

Have you watched the movie titled “Dirty Secret? I fell in love with tonto dikeh the day I saw the movie. It was a complete dose for fun and entertainment. She was a leading Nigerian actress before she becomes instagram celebrity and presenter who sells life-story to live and survive. She is a controversial celebrity and always on the pages of newspaper for wrong reasons.

In a viral video, Tonto Dikeh publicly nailed her ex-husband, Churchill. “He is a cheat, liar, fraud and 40secs man. Only the sex that produced my son lasted for a minute. He normally wraps a red cloth at his waist while browsing on laptop” she lamented. If you have ever watched movies produced by tonto dikeh especially “dirty secrets”, you will understand her lamentations that 40secs man can not satisfy a woman of such sexual prowess.

Do you know what yorubas call “Iyawo Asante”? When a man forcefully makes a woman his wife. Was Tonto Dikeh a victim of Iyawo Ashante? The first question I asked myself when I watched the viral video. Both were lovers for months before churchill got her pregnant. Was Tonto carried away by fragrant display of wealth, connections and family ties? 

Did Tonto ask Churchill about the source of his wealth before marriage? Did she ask about his family members or possibly meet them? Why did she go ahead with the marriage if Churchill was truly a 40secs man? If she was aware of all these yet went ahead to marry him then I have no sympathy for her but condolences for the marital oath.

Like Tonto Dikeh Like Nigeria Politicians. Both live on denial and deceit. Both act with time duration and target. Tonto targeted Churchill’s fragrant display of wealth and family ties while Nigeria politicians target minds of electorate. Get what you want, feed on it and leave; that is how lions hunt in the jungle.

During campaigns, Nigeria politicians move around and take notes of people’s problems. They know about the sorry state of health, miserable state of schools, woeful tales of insecurity, economy in recession, extent of unemployment, poor infrastructure, lack of social amenities and paucity of funds as Tonto Dikeh was already aware of Churchill shortcomings if they are true yet they make promises and assure people as Tonto assured her ex-husband that they will proffer solutions to these problems.

They enjoy all benefits as public officers. They ride big cars, live in big apartments and travel across the continent. After 3years in office, they start lamenting and wailing in offices after their efforts yielded less as 1minute sex produces Tonto’s son. They complain about degree of decay and paucity of funds they were already aware of. Paucity of funds that do not affect their basic salaries and allowances as public officer.

They engage in projects they have once condemned as Tonto Dikeh comtinues to engage in habits of babymamas and single mothers she has once condemned. Distribution of motorcycles and wheelbarrows as empowerment. I have once read it on social media that packs of indomie were distributed in the north as empowerment. Citizens are in hasty to count solutions but politicians count problems.

Please always try and pay courtesy visit to Nigeria politicians whenever they leave offices especially politicians who suffer electoral misfortune. Like Tonto Dikeh who shares miserable tales of his marriage , they share stories of what they did while in office; compare and contrast. “I funded our wedding ceremony and settled other bills. I was in charge of running our home financially and the husband of our family”, she said.

“People are ingrates. I distributed motorcycles and paracetamols as health intervention yet they did not return me to office. I enlisted hundreds of youths I pay salaries every month and other cheap means of empowerment. People are not grateful, they did not vote for me after all I have done” these are the lamentations of relegated politicians.

It is my prayer that ladies do not read this article only for defense or fun rather they should read meanings to lessons embedded in it. Conditional love never lasts. Marry for love, affection and understanding. If you marry because of fragrant display of wealth, connections and family ties, if these expire, nothing can sustain the marriage. You will need to lament everyday like Tonto Dikeh.

As public officials, develop and engage in socio-welfare intervention. Make yourself accessible and available for people who elected you as their representative. It is a matter of time; your tenure will soon expire and whatever you do in office would determine your end either lamentation or another successful trial.

Lawal Sodiq Adewale (Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo) is a freelance opinion writer and writes from Osogbo, the capital of Osun state


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