Gemini Daily Horoscope

April 27, 2019

Your ambitious efforts may encounter a roadblock on Saturday, as energetic Mars in your sign gets sidelined by foggy Neptune in your professional sector. You know exactly what you need to succeed, but are certain gatekeepers getting in your way? Stay the course, even if this cosmic conflict throws a temporary wrench in the works. Negotiate with any naysayers and don’t be deterred by rejection. It will be worth suffering through all those “no’s,” when you finally get that big “yes!” Instead of fixating on your frustration, could you plan a distracting jaunt to take your mind off things? A spontaneous getaway could be just the thing to soothe your soul on Sunday, as the Aquarius moon boosts your urge to travel. If you don’t have the time to embark on an epic day trip, explore some destinations closer to home. While you’re out and about, strike up discussions with strangers. A casual conversation could lead to unexpected inspiration!

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