Will Our Generation Fail Too? By Senami Kojah

Earlier this week, the grey book while pouring into the English Mic acknowledged a truth which misplaced-reverence prevents many young Nigerians from speaking.

“…my generation has failed Nigerians”- Wole Soyinka

This failure reflects in the refusal to reject disastrous policies and the sickening love for custom made oppression.

Like the Structural Adjustment Programme introduced in 1986 by Ibrahim Babangida with support from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank; in the time of that very strange alliance, the Naira depreciated by up to 80% against the US Dollar and has never recovered.

Or like when the lean general was elected; that faded Khaki who strings along as the puppeteers in the rock blow the country to smithereens one bad decision after the other.

They have failed, but will you?
The first failure that has bloodied the hand this generation is execution of idea’s at dawn.

You stained your hands when you refused to participate in the 2019 general elections by contesting or voting based on idea’s and not sentiments or political party. 

Redemption Call
Every day, the system encounters a glitch; a policeman that needs an anti-virus installed in his brain or a politician that needs to be restored to factory setting.

You don’t like it when your President does election giveaways to other African countries when your election cycle is riddled with incompetence, what will you do about it?

I heard you hate it when he hops on metal birds for unexplained ‘private visits’, what will you do about it?

I’m aware the road in your part of town consumes it’s makers but what will you do about it?

So before you lit a candle on your Facebook DP, create a group and rally, take the fight to the one who brought it to you.

Before you resign in utter and complete hopelessness, pick a form and register to join a revolutionary party.

In case all these rattle the chains to which you are bound with and upsets you, you can start small by joining the e-warriors association of Nigeria. 

Whatever your lot, thirty years from now when you have by your gifting and talents conquered the world, when you sit by that exalted Mic; I hope your song is not a dirge.

Go and Succeed!

Senami Kojah is a Writer, Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst who writes from Lagos.
[email protected]


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