Citizens Should Not Complain About The Kind Of Leadership They Tolerate, Says Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi, Senoir Pastor of Daystar Church, has asked Nigerians to compel their leaders to make policies that will empower the citizens, or replace them.

He made gave the charge while tweeting @sam_adeyemi on Saturday. 

Adeyemi praised Sudan for taking action against their President and the Military through protest.

His tweet reads: “Lessons learnt from Sudan. Citizens should not complain about the kind of leadership they tolerate. Also, it’s not enough to replace a leader with another member of the elite class. Leaders must be compelled to make policies and spend money to empower citizens. #Leadership”

“We must go past participating in governance only during elections to deepen our democracy. We must engage public servants from the beginning to the end of their tenures, demanding for good quality service, especially at local levels. We need more rallies and town hall meetings”

“On my previous tweet. It’s not only for Nigerians. My followers on social media span all continents. I try to specify when I write to Nigerians only. We can learn even from failure. Credit to the Sudanese, they continued their protest when the military replaced their president”.


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