Toni Tones Talks Road to Losing 40 Pounds Weight She Gained

Toni Tones recently took to her Instagram page to talk about her decision to gain 18kg (40 Pounds) to play ‘Young Eniola’ in ‘King of Boys,’ and how it took a toll on her mentally and physically. She also speaks candidly about what she went through to lose weight.

She wrote:
Last night all dolled up for @bammybestowed’s #dirthythirty in other news, I’m almost back to my ‘pre-King Of Boys’ weight.

This is particularly huge for me because at the time I chose to put on weight for the project, I was honestly very afraid about my ability to lose weight again.

I love food, so staying in shape already took a lot of effort. I had to learn a lot of self-discipline to be able to control my portions when I eat, make healthy food choices and make exercise a lifestyle.

I hate working out, but I choose to see it as a job requirement.

Staying in shape and trying to keep your body at its peak is definitely always a plus on movie sets, that a lot of the time can be quite physically taxing.

But I committed myself to it for the love of the craft and I made a promise to myself to be disciplined and lose the weight after no matter how hard it was or how long it took.

I told myself “just set the goal and achieve it, Toni, accept no excuses, if you fall off the wagon, just make sure you get back on”

I also chose to lose the weight in a healthy way, no fad diets, I’ve done them before and the weight loss was never sustainable. I was only able to do that when I adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Yes, it takes much longer, but the results also stay much longer!

I went from 58kg to 76kg
That’s 40pounds/18kg.
I lost 9kg by the premiere 8 months later and gone done to 67kg.

And today, 6 months after the premiere, I got on scale and I’ve lost another 7kg. Now weighing 60kg and I don’t know how to act about it. I’m so excited ??? I’m just 2kg away from my goal of my original 58kg. But I will continue to take it slow and steady till reach my goal.

A lot of my life I’ve been told I couldn’t and shouldn’t do many things, acting was one of them, I never listened, I always let my fear and self-doubt fuel me, and I’m happy I did. being able to put my mind to this and achieve this is so important to me, because it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, it also took a toll on me psychologically, I had never been that size before, my face was much chubbier, my hands were so big,

my arms were so big, I couldn’t wear a lot of my old clothes. Everyone I ran into would comment on how much weight I’d ‘ put on’ ? (PS: Nigerians, this is not a greeting ?) fans would message me that I was becoming too big. I had to constantly affirm myself and strengthen my belief that I was beautiful at any size.

I when I ran into people, sometimes I would feel the need to bring it up before they did, to lessen the sting. I had to constantly remind myself that I didn’t have to apologize for my weight.

My butt was soooooo massive (that was a plus sha ?, I got to experience what y’all big booty ladies had been experiencing in terms of male attention, and All i’ll say is, y’all are enjoying o! You can’t move without men jumping, I honestly found it weird at first, yes I got attention from guys previously, but it quadrupled. It actually became overwhelming at a point because you’ll be talking to someone and they’ll just be staring at your boobs (yes those blew up too ?) and it became really annoying ? sometimes offensive.

I’m glad my little ol’ booty and my reasonably sized boobs are back. it was an interesting experience, But let me go back to my lane, please… that’s the level my energy reach)

But to finally be close to my goal, so to actually be here is such an amazing feeling. Considering how afraid I was.

It took 15 months, but I did it. I put on weight for a role, gave the role my heart and soul and lost the weight after. I’ve never been more motivated than I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

Always remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to, for Anyone that has been struggling with weight loss, if I can do it, anybody can!!! Feel free to DM me for tips from my routine for losing it.

I’ve attached two photos of me ‘before king of boys’ and two photos of me after I’d put on the weight for it.

As you can see, I’m not exactly where I was, but I’m almost there ? 2 kilos more, let’s go ?? , Love, you guys! ❤️❤️❤️

Check out her stunning before-after photos below:
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426201925436 preking of boys toni tones

426201925436 toni tones post kob 1

426201925436 toni tones now 2

426201925436 toni tones now

426201925436 toni tones post kob 2


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