Examination Malpractice To Youth, Electoral Malpractice To Leaders By Akeem Alao

I once said if I was asked to proffer a solution to examination malpractice, I would suggest a deschooling society. All the schools in the society will be closed down. I know this is impossible. Why I would suggest that is due to the fact that examination malpractice has become a celebrated crime in Nigeria.  It is difficult to eradicate. We should only think of curbing it and tackling its negative effects.

This year, some UTME candidates are affected by the immorality of other candidates aided by those unscrupulous owners of CBT centres, including parents. Examination malpractice is now being practised at all examination.

If a student lacks the ability to independently sit and pass examination into a tertiary institution, is the student intellectually qualified to proceed to higher institution? 

It is unfortunate that parents and teachers, who are supposed to preach against it are actively involved in this immorality. It is equally pitiable that some owners of examination centres who are desperate to make billions of naira out of the examination are also actively involved in the act.

Immorality plagues our society. Everyone seems not to see sanity in moral decency. Indecency is praised. Leaders are agents of immorality. Can they be exonerated from this immorality? Can the authorities who pass judgement on those involved in examination malpractice be exonerated from being part of electoral malpractice? They are models for the perpetrators of examination malpractice. To the examination candidates, success is achieved through malpractice.

And what moral do our schools teach? Teachers are chief agents of examination malpractice. What about the homes? Parents are so much interested in examination malpractice. Candidates are all desperate to get what we do not deserve. They want to perform excellently in an examination by all means. They want to gain admission into tertiary institution. Examination malpractice is now everywhere, even in our atmosphere.

They see it as the only means to obtain excellent scores. The introduction of CBT is to eradicate examination malpractice.

Is this aim not defeated? What is the solution?


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