The Assassination Of Common Sense By Senami Kojah

Two hundred million pulsating sticks thrash about daily in unending objurgation of the conditions of their green patch yet life continues unhindered by this fearsome lashing.

Resigned to the bin that recycles their hope, they reduce in discourse and rhetoric. 


Now street talk has begun for the next electoral cycle in Nigeria. Yes, street talk. How else does one qualify the disgusting blabbering on zoning, old gods and painfully inept political parties and systems that keeps churning out dunderheaded leaders?

Boko Haram is festering, Bandits are slaying, Killer Herdsmen are advancing, SARs are maiming, Secessionist are agitating, Militants are emboldened, Young people are idle and Hunger is killing you, yet you muse on base things. 

“Few Nigerians understand that our chaos, our urban rot and rural decay, our decrepit roads, hospitals, and Universities, our power failures and water shortages, and our fuel scarcity are collective consequences of our wanton embrace of the unthought and unreflected society”. -Pius Adesanmi

This unreflective nature of some Nigerians on issues that make the field a palatable patch like Education, Power, Health, Infrastructure, Security and so on is not unconnected to the death of common sense.

Wrapped around a barrel of dwindling oil, common sense hung lifeless, jeered by skeletal looking onlookers who had no jobs to return to.

It’s offence had been a poking of 200 million conscience to reason.

Tell me, is it not blaring insanity to talk about national integration on paper and zone political offices and appointments without consideration for capacity, character and courage?

Has this foul conversation of great national irrelevance not taught us a lesson yet? Why do we reinforce it?

I will tell you that there are no manuals or manuscripts of conversations on self preservation; critically think about this and live.

Like a Phoenix, common sense is buried somewhere in the ashes of this national mediocrity and it’s resurrection which will lead to an insurrection is at hand.

Receive sense.

Senami Kojah is a Writer, Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst who writes from Lagos.
[email protected] 


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