Politicians Who Spend More Than !2 years In Public Office Are Social Parasites, Says Pat Utomi

Pat Utomi, a professor of political economy and management, has described politicians who spend more than 12 years in public offices as social parasites.

The creator of Patito’s Gang, a television talk show, made this comment on Saturday while being Intervied on ARISE TV.

“I despise people who live on politics. I think that people who make a career in life based on politics are doing society a disservice,” he said.

“I have said that nobody should hold public office for more than 12 consecutive years. You go from a commissioner to the governor, senator; you are a social parasite.

“You should come out of your hard work, make a difference for four to eight years and go back to what you do. If it’s not like that for you, you are a parasite to society. The characters making it

difficult to make progress are social parasites who call themselves politicians.”

Utomi, who contested who contested for the Delta State governorship ticket under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019 and also had a shot at the presidency in 2011, said Nigeria needs a national redemption mission.

He said for the  country to make political progress, the President must form a cabinet constituted by competent and patriotic citizens regardless of their political affiliations.

“You should create a cabinet of rivals; Yakubu Gowon did it,” he said.

“He built a cabinet of people who were more capable than himself: Awolowo, Enahoro, Shagari and co. We don’t need warlords trying to take advantage; our country is dying. We need people who have love in their hearts for the people of this country. Instead, we get these warlords who are trying to exclude.”


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