Bayelsa APC Attacks Dickson For Describing It As ‘Not A Political Party But A Killer, Terrorist Organisation’

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State has described criticised Governor Seriake Dickson for his recent comments describing the opposition in the state as not a political party but a “killer, terrorist” organisation.

According to Doifie Buokoribo, Publicity Secretary of the APC in the state, Dickson’s comments are crude, infantile and extreme vituperations that are completely unbefitting of a high-ranking officer of state.

In a statement released in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, on Saturday, Doifie noted that the party was not surprised by Dickson’s comments, but urged him to be decent and stop living in denial.

“But then, we are not surprised at all that Dickson could use such gutter words to describe a rival political party. We have always known him to be a colourless, uninspiring and cretinous politician,” read the statement.

“Dickson and his gang in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have always proved to be a club of visionless little minds with neither programme nor strategy, save crude mudslinging against APC and its leaders.

“If not, why would a responsible party on the eve of a crucial election make the campaign of falsehood and slander against a rival party the highpoint of a meeting of its most important members? As if that was not ridiculous enough, Dickson and gang went ahead to delude themselves with a lie that the party that was virtually the only newsworthy issue at the PDP meeting on Monday was of no consequence.”

“Governor Dickson is free to continue to live in denial. But we know that his days and that of his party in our state are numbered. For almost eight years, Dickson subjected the people of Bayelsa State to a regime of fear, war and terror. He spread hunger, pain and poverty in the land.  The Bayelsa State Government House is now a place where criminals, cultists and other lawless elements are harboured.”

APC also cricisised Dickson for “appointing known criminals, cultists and militants as council chairmen”, while “denying civil servants their legitimate wages and allowances.

“He even made the state incommodious for business by refusing to fix electricity, water and other basics. The once beautiful land of Yenagoa became known as the garbage capital of the world under his watch. Our people are waiting with their PVCs for Dickson and his anointed candidate on Election Day,” it added.

“In his anxiety to hide his insensitivity, Governor Dickson has now lifted the ban he placed on promotions and the payment of promotion benefits in the state civil service. But that would not save him. He has reached the end of the road, and no amount of petty mudslinging or denial of reality will change the people’s stand against him and his party.”.


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